[dance-tech] Lucy // exhibition opening / March 21st, 19:00 at URA!

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performances, exhibition, workshop, talks

organized by bodig & ART ON STAGE

co-curated by Aylin Kalem & Derya Demir

20 March – 20 April 2008








[image: Lucy - Exploring a new and fragile generation X]**

* *

*bodig* & *ART ON STAGE* present:


**20 March – 20 April 2008

*a cross-disciplinary exhibition at three sites for contemporary art,

*ura, studio live, platform garanti *

exhibition – performances – workshop – meeting

*lucy*, the first collaboration between *ART ON STAGE*, founded with the
mission to attract new followers in contemporary art and* bodig*, known for
its projects questioning the relationship between new media technologies and
the body; is inspired by the fluctuating inner world of a fastidious,
bohemian, ecstatic, fragile, creative and powerful new generation.

*21 March 2008*, *19:30* at *URA!*

The exhibition invites this generation and their contemporaries to reunite
with their imaginary friends, to confront their spontaneous decisions, to
listen to and hum together non-existent melodies that linger in their heads,
to participate in the primitive quality of the notion of time, and to go
back home with one red apple after spending two hours at a vegetable market.

participating artists:

Phil Collins (UK),

Beliz Demircioğlu (TR),

Andre Gonçalves (PT),

Ha za vu zu (TR),

Ana Husman (HR),

Sara Nuytemans (NL),

Oliver Pietsch (DE),

Rudolfo Quintas (PT)

*lucy* is co-curated by Derya Demir and Aylin Kalem

*20 March 2008, 21:30* at *Studio Live*

During the exhibition, on the last date when night is longer than day,
artists Rudolfo Quintas and Andre Gonçalves invite viewers with their
lighters and matches to an interactive sound performance, 'burning sound'
they are going to perform at Studio-Live. In their performance the artists
analyze the contemporary strategies of invisible control, using fire.

The event will begin with a performance by one of the most innovative
composers in Turkey, performance artist and sound designer Tolga Tüzün (TR)
and before 'burning the sound' Bisnov Project (TR) will present a
performance featuring processed real-time images of the physical body. After
'burning the sound', the night will conclude with Diana Combo's (PT)
performance where she is going to try to make everyone hear and believe that
brand new spots and lines appear on her records every time they are listened
to, by burning them, breaking them and gluing the pieces back together.

performance artists:

Tolga Tüzün (TR),

Ururu (TR),

Rudolfo Quintas & André Gonçalves (PT),

Diana Combo (PT)

*22nd March 2008, 18:00* at *Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center*

Artists Sara Nuytemans and Rudolfo Quintas speak on how they turn their
imaginary worlds into reality using media technologies. André Gonçalves will
go one step further by organizing a one-day long arduino workshop.

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