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hello all:

The dates of the 4th Monaco Dance Forum are fast
approaching, a good time to check your boat and train times.....

In each of its versions -- 2000, 2002 and 2004 -- the Forum
has offered an intensive, international and significant platform for the
investigation, presentation and experiencing of artworks that explored the
interface between dance and digital technologies. This year is no different
with a selection of installations, performances, workshops (advanced and
basic), meetings and presentations from a range of international artists.

A number of artists known in this community are involved in the performances, 
installations, and ateliers,
along with others selected to present new projects  in the daytime offerings of 
Forum; many more may have planned to travel to Monaco and enjoy attending the 
events.  The Forum has been devised by Philippe Baudelot to emphasize
peer-to-peer contact, discussion, debate and exchange. And we've been
asked to host and coordinate the "advanced" strand of four daytime
workshops, all of which you are invited to join.

Please view:


or go to the ?visite guidée? > Programme> Rencontres and download the PDF

These four workshops come under the heading of DIGITAL DANCE
WORKSHOPS and they are as follows:

11 Dec. (Monday) 10-16.30h: The Sound Muscle: digital interfacing between
body and sound (coordinator Frederic Bevilaqua)

12 Dec. (Tuesday) 10-16.30h: Inscribing Dance in a New Space: widening the
perception (coordinators Johannes Birringer, Scott deLahunta)

13 Dec. (Wednesday) 10-16.30h: Dance as an Author of Light: using eyes-web,
movement monitoring (coordinator Antonio Camurri)

14 Dec. (Thursday) 10-16.30h: The Image as the Body's Partner: paths of the
future in capturing movement (coordinator Thanassis Rikakis)

You can find descriptions of these workshops in the Digital
Dance materials, and more detail will be available from each of the other
coordinators soon. Inscription you will do through the Forum office.

We would especially like to invite everyone to participate in the Tuesday
Workshop session "INSCRIBING DANCE IN A NEW SPACE: Widening the
perception?, in which we seek to take a broad look at exhilarating hybrid
dance and digital artistic and research developments across a range of
areas such as indirect interfaces and neuroaesthetics, tactile augmentation
and locative media, intelligent agents and simulation, gesture analysis and
visualisation, sonic spatialisation and audio rendering, choreography and
gaming systems. To explore how current choreographic and dance practices
relate to the digital (and vice versa) through engaging a rich set of
cultural questions, often in the pursuit of complex cross-disciplinary
collaboration.  Practitioners from many parts of the world will be present --
please join an animated exchange of expert views that will help
to build the community's practical and theoretical reflection on our practices.

In closing we would like to mention three events, two are not yet on the
announced schedule:

1) Following our Tuesday session, from 17h00 to 18h00 Paul Kaiser and Marc
Downie will offer a special one hour introspection on their work with
choreographers and the animated/ thinking image.

2) On Friday, 15 Dec, 11h00 to 15h00 there will be a Digital Dance Exchange
International Network meeting -- a new formation. 

3) On Saturday, 16 Dec, we propose an informal brunch meeting for wrap up
and post-show debates, looking back at the installations, performances and
selected projects.

We look forward to seeing you in Monaco


Johannes Birringer & Scott deLahunta

Johannes Birringer
director, DAP-Lab
School of Arts, Brunel University
West London UB8 3PH UK
tel: +44 (0)1895 267 343 (office)
email: Johannes.Birringer@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Scott deLahunta
Writing Research Associates, NL
Sarphatipark 26-3, 1072 PB Amsterdam, NL
mobile: +31 652 641 354
email: sdela@xxxxxx
www: http://www.sdela.dds.nl/

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