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Please join us on Wednesday Nov 25 for our next very special event, featuring
two distinguished visting artists and activsts

25 October 2015, 4 PM - 6:00 PM
Drama Studio, Gaskell Building 048, Brunel University London, Cleveland Rd.

Marina Gržinić (Ljubljana)
«Necropolitics, Racialisation, and ‘Social’ Curating»

Pascale Pollier (Ghent/London)
«Post Mortem: Curating Fabrics of Human Bodies»

Marina Gržinić will talk on capitalism and time and the image changes and
challenges for art, the performative and the political. The talk will be based
on her book coauthored with Sefik Tatlic with the title Necropolitics,
Racialization, and Global Capitalism Historicization of Biopolitics and
Forensics of Politics, Art, and Life (2014). This book argues that
necropolitics are a dominant, yet obscene, form of politics that sustains
contemporary racism (racialization) as a primal ideology of global capitalism
and connects globalization and its modernist narratives directly with
colonialism. The book is important for those—and this means almost all of
us—working with relations of modes of life and global capitalism and with
articulations of political and epistemological principles onto which capitalism
organizes its reproduction.
Marina Gržinić is professor of philosophy and works as researcher advisor at
the Institute of Philosophy at the ZRC SAZU (Scientific and Research Centre of
the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art) in Ljubljana. She is also professor
at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Pascale Pollier studied fine art and Painting in St Lucas art school in Ghent,
Belgium, before postgraduate training with the Medical Artists Association,
London UK. Till May 2015 she was president and is co-founder of BIOMAB
(Biological and Medical Art in Belgium) In 2010 With Biomab she was curating
and organizing exhibitions, dissection drawing classes, collaborative
art/science projects, symposiums and conferences. In May 2015 the non profit
organization ARSIC ‘Art Researches Science International Collaborations’ was
founded - an international collective where Art and Science become entangled.
This interdisciplinary association pursues several goals: Organizing and
curating SciArt exhibitions, conferences and collaborative projects, supporting
the publication of articles, books and films. Pascale is returning from a
workshop in Moscow and recently curated the exhibition Post Mortem in Ghent,
and before that the large touring exhibition Fabrica Vitae. Her inspiration is
drawn from observing the internal and external human body in all its diversity,
life and nature in all its beauty, strength, fragility, disease, mortality,
immortality and death. Pascale currently lives and works in London as a
self-employed artist.

ALL WELCOME Free talk / contact: +44 (0)1895 267 343

Performance Research Seminar Coordinator: Johannes.Birringer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Dept. of Arts & Humanities

Precarity and the Politics of Art: Performative and Critical Empowerment after

This Research Series aims to probe troubling interpretations of the increasing
unrestrainment of capital, and its impact on all social-economic, cultural,
creative, and educational sectors in the developed world; the sustainability of
democracy is an urgent emerging research theme for those of us in the
performing arts/creative field becoming intensely aware of the multiplication
of realities (virtualization; networked infrastructures) and the growing
depoliticization of culture and art. The main objective of the Series is to
articulate various perspectives on politics and performance (within the context
of precarization, the current refugee crisis, and the operations of unknowable
information technologies).

Forthcoming Events: http://people.brunel.ac.uk/dap/ResearchSeminarSeries.html
all seminars are upstreamed to
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