[dance-tech] Interaktionslabor partners new independent Performance Academy in Germany

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PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is launched in the Saarland

August 13-23, 2011

During ten days in August, the international Interaktionslabor in Göttelborn 
collaborates with XMLab and Donlon Dance Company on creating a new PERFORMANCE 
ACADEMY, a shared platform of workshop spaces and research facilities for 
performance-media design, interactional and wearable concepts, and 
investigations of gestural processes, protocols, and social choreography.

With its partners XMLab and Donlon Dance Company, Interaktionslabor shares the 
sense that the concept of research should be opened up (again), and aims to 
acknowledge the relevance of experimental treatments of actuality – of forms of 
collaborative creation – that may take us beyond the perspectives and protocols 
of (established academic) inquiry as we know it. Which is why we have chosen 
gesture as focus of the inaugural workshop – gesture as practice that is at 
once aesthetic, corporeal, and political.

The workshop in August will inaugurate a 12-months series of performance and 
research events open to individual, collective, and institutional actors 
especially from the Greater Region (Belgium, France, Luxembourg) to facilitate 
the sharing of approaches, experiences, and reflections. The events are varied, 
including workshops, hacklabs, and symposia, but will be organized under the 
common umbrella of the PERFORMANCE ACADEMY.  The new academy plans to include 
exhibitions and concert/installations in an open platform for the exchange of 
new performance and media work; locations for these events include venues in 
Saarbrücken and on the coal mine campus in Göttelborn.

Performance Academy 1
August 13-23, 2011 –
summer residency
enrollment € 400 [concs 300]

On location in the former Coal Mine Göttelborn
& Media Gallery HBK Saarbrücken/Academy of Fine Arts Saar , Germany

http://interaktionslabor.de     //     http://performance.xmlab.org/

Facilitated by Johannes Birringer, in cooperation with Soenke Zehle (XMLab) and 
Marguerite Donlon (Donlon Dance Company).

contact: s.zehle@xxxxxxxxx or johannes.birringer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Deadline for applications: July 15, 2011.


XMLab has a research focus on experimental media and new forms of aesthetic 
communication, with a particular interest in the performative and play-based 
dimension of digital technologies. In  2011, our focus is on the question of 
gesture – as aesthetic practice, as re-engagement of the political, as way to 
reflect on synaesthetic experiences, and, eventually, as (non-representational) 
curatorial perspective. The research context includes experimental approaches 
to embodied/physical computing (such as XBox Kinect), to the constitution of 
(public) space, and more generally technologies of play.

Donlon Dance Company is based at the Saarlaendisches Staatstheater (State 
Theatre) in Saarbruecken, and is a young, exciting, innovative company 
attracting dancers of the highest calibre. The performers who work with 
Marguerite Donlon, the dynamic Irishwoman who was appointed Ballet Director in 
2001, come from all over the world –Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, 
Japan, Korea, China, United States and Argentina.  One of Marguerite Donlon’s 
aims is to promote European exchange in dancing and bring other high standard 
choreographers to Saarbruecken, ranging in style from the wild queen of pop 
Constanza Macras to world renowned choreographer Jirí Kylián. The company is 
also working on several projects to be shown not just within the theatre but 
also on different locations in collaboration with a variety of cultural 
institutions in the region and beyond. Local artists from the Saarland have 
been invited to work with the company.

Interaktionslabor is a laboratory for interactive media, design, and 
performance, founded by Johannes Birringer in 2003 on the site of the former 
coal mine Göttelborn (Saarland), and developed over the past nine years into an 
annual summer residency-workshop for performers, media artists, filmmakers, 
engineers and writers from different artistic and cultural backgrounds, always 
open to participants’ ideas, processes and project proposals that nurture 
collaboration and research as well as the building of transcultural networks. 
At the end of the workshops, which are housed in the beautifully renovated 
industrial spaces of the Coal Mine (participants also live in new Guest House 
on the mine campus),  Interaktionslabor has exhibited works in progress as well 
as co-produced new installations or performance later premiered in other 
countries. The lab has been invited to Brasil and the US, and now enters into a 
new phase of collaborative research exchange and partnership across regions.


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