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Interaktionslabor 2011 is now in session. 


we invite you to::

Marko Ciciliani 
"All of Yesterday's Parties"

electroacoustic solo compositions, sound-art works and light design

August 16,  20:oo Uhr
Admission free
Gray Hall, on Campus,  Coal Mine Göttelborn
Boulevard der Industriekultur, 66287 Quierschied-Göttelborn
Saarland (Germany)

“Innovative”, “future-proof”, “the energy of rock and the complexity of 
composed music”, says the international press on the musical universe of 

In his programme “All of Yesterday’s Parties” Ciciliani will introduce us to 
his most recent work. He performs selections from his evening long  "Suicidal 
Self Portraits” and his 4 hour long work-in-progress "Pop Wall Alphabet". In 
his solo "Corrosion" for analogue electronics and laser projections, he 
explores immaterial sound and light textures while searching for “haptic” 
qualities serving  as a poetic idea.  

In his solo-adaptation of "Dromomania – originally written for two pianos, 
electronics and light design, he contemplates “travelling “-  the modern 
metaphor for the ephemerality of being. Through technology, today’s travelling 
times have shrunk from matters of months to hours. However, the frequent 
traveller has thereby become the passenger of a transitory space, suspended 
between departure and arrival point, in often crowded but nevertheless 
uninhabited transit zones like airports, train stations or vehicles. The ease 
of travelling tends to turn the traveller into a displaced subject – liberated 
from a stationary existence but also alienated through the lack of a final 

Born in Croatia, Ciciliani received his musical training as a composer and 
electronic musician in New York, Hamburg and The Hague. Already during his 
studies he has collected extensive experience not only in the fields of 
“academic” composition, but also in free improvisation and cross-disciplinary 
projects. Typical for Ciciliani’s work is that it combines seemingly 
contradictory materials, giving the composition a feeling of experiment and 
playfulness, with surprising turns and a variety of color. In his more recent 
work a special field of interest lies in the combination of sound and light, 
which was also the topic of his PhD research that he completed at Brunel 
University London.
The different “genres” in which Ciciliani’s music can be heard and seen, are 
reflecting his manifold musical activities. His music has been programmed by 
festivals and concert series of electronic experimental music like Club 
Transmediale Berlin, SuperDeluxe/Tokyo or the NowNow Series/Sydney just as much 
as by festivals for chamber music like Wien Modern, Forum Neue Musik 
Deutschlandfunk, Zagreb Biennale, ISCM World Music Days and many more.
Marko Ciciliani is guest-professor at the Institute for Acoustics and Media 
(IEM) of the Arts University in Graz/Austria and is also teaching at the 
composition department of the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna. 
Furthermore he is lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in St.Pölten. 


This concert is a featured part of  the first „Performance Academy,“ 
collaboratively organized by
Interaktionslabor with XMLab and Centre de Création Choréographique 
Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L on the campus of the former coal mine Göttelborn. 
On Saturday and Sunday, August 20/21, at 7pm, the Lab will showcase new video 
and choreographic installations. Free admission, visitors are welcome.  The lab 
offers a series of parallel modules investigating the relations between 
choreography and software, sound and motion-design, movement capture and 3d 
digital/virtual environment navigation, light and projection architecture, 
electronics and interactive programming. 
“Gesture” – and its performance autonomy (?) – has been chosen as focus of the 
inaugural workshop: gesture as practice that is at once aesthetic, corporeal, 
and political.

Interaktionslabor/Performance Academy
13-23 August, 2011    Summer Residence  on the Campus Göttelborn
http://interaktionslabor.de // 
Directed by Johannes Birringer, 
with  Soenke Zehle (XMLab) and Bernard Baumgarten (Trois C-L)

Contact: johannes.birringer@xxxxxxxxxxxx  oder  s.zehle@xxxxxxxxx


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