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Fourth International Interaktionslabor in the former Coal Mine Göttelborn
17 - 31. July 2006

P r e s s   R e l e a s e  


Extending previous studies of physical camera, sensor choreography, and 
interactive design for real time networked performance, Interaktionslabor 
Göttelborn is holding its fourth annual workshop (July 17 ? 31, 2006) in the 
former coal mine in southwest Germany. The annual laboratory has attracted 
artists, performers, choreographers, engineers, and media designers from all 
over the world for its intensive residency in midst of an environment that 
uniquely challenges the imagination. 

The 2006 lab is dedicated to ?i-MAP?, a one-year collaborative project 
implemented through a trans-European network of four participating media art 
organizations (amorphy.org./Athens; InterSpace/Sofia; De Waag/Amsterdam; 
Interaktionslabor/Göttelborn) which seek to test the expressive and narrative 
possibilities of digital dispositives based on sensor design, live webcams, and 
augmented reality for game-based performance. 

Examining the relationship of the human body and its real time representations 
in digital environments, and building its materializations in the 
laboratory-space of Interaktionslabor Göttelborn through visual, gestural, 
voice and sound narrative,  the distributed media casting creates a world of 
adventure and surprise. 

A streaming, telekinetic performance (?See you in Walhalla,?) is created which 
follows the logic of a computer game but encounters real people, streets and 
occurrences in parallel urban realities. Through collaborative inter-media 
creation process, developed simultaneously by teams of artists in three 
different locations, a dramaturgical structure for a COMPUTER THEATRE-GAME is 
created. This telekinetic performance event will be simultaneously presented in 
three European venues (Athens, Amsterdam and Sofia) on September 14. These 
venues will have fully interactive capabilities, allowing for live control of 
media in all three locations, creating a shared virtual environment, guided and 
utilized by the participating artists. The teams now combine for a ?testbed? 
phase in Göttelborn to rehearsing the new work and complete the collaborative 

The research and development process in-action at the Interaktionslabor 
Göttelborn is open to the public and can be monitored via our webcams and the 
bulletins published on the website: 

contact:  Johannes Birringer, director   
Blvd der Industriekultur, Tel. + 49 (0) 6825-94277-19

i-MAP is supported by the Culture 2000 Framework Program, the Ministry of 
Culture of the Saarland, Goethe Institut, Red House For Culture and Debate, IKS 
IndustrieKultur Saar Gmbh, IME Research Facility, Ipsilon Production Company, 
Brunel University, i-DAT University of Plymouth.


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