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InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno (In the Dream Time)

March 30 - April 1, 2007

INSCC Auditorium, University of Utah

155 South 1452 East, Salt Lake City, UT

Access Grid: https://artgridvs.chpc.utah.edu:8000/Venues/default
<https://artgridvs.chpc.utah.edu:8000/Venues/default>  - Theatre venue

QuickTime: http://www.anotherlanguage.org/interplay/ntds


Another Language Performing Arts Company, in partnership with the
University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing, presents
"InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno", a live, real-time, distributed, surreal
cinematic event that explores the ever elusive passage of time.
Performances are March 30 & 31 at 19:00 MDT (-6:00 UTC) and April 1 at
16:00 MDT (-6:00 UTC) at the INSCC Auditorium on the U of U campus and
the Theatre venue of https://artgridvs.chpc.utah.edu:8000/Venues/default
<https://artgridvs.chpc.utah.edu:8000/Venues/default> . 


InterPlay: Nel Tempo di Sogno explores the ever elusive passage of time,
through a live, distributed, surreal, cinematic event where artists and
technologist from six cities will perform simultaneously and share these
performances through video streaming technologies to create a work of
unprecedented scale and innovation.


This InterPlay performance, conceived by Directors Beth and Jimmy
Miklavcic includes Utah Visual Artist - Paul Heath, who will create a
silkscreen composition around the subject of time during the three
performances and Didjeridoo musician Marko Johnson. Actors at Alaska,
Maryland and Utah will perform a new original collaborative script that
includes text contributions from all performers. They are Carrie Baker
(UAF) , Nadja Masura, Peter Rogers and Julie Zdanoski (UMD), William
Ferrer, Eliza Wren, Travis Eberhard, Jenni Lou Oakes, and Beth Miklavcic
(Utah). Directed by Beth Miklavcic, this play will take the audience on
a voyage through distorted time, creating visual echoes of moments past,
present and future. Nine distinct characters depicting different moments
in time will interact and communicate with each other. The characters
will examine how time affected their very existence, including how they
made use of their time and when they ran out of time.


Music will be performed simultaneously at three sites by Scott Deal
(percussion) and Dave Krnavek (Digital Audio Virtual Environment) (UAF),
Junko Simons (Cello) and Robert Putnam (MIDI Processing) (BU), and Marko
Johnson (Didjeridoo) and Eliza Wren (Toy Piano) (UT). Miho Aoki, Siyuan
Wang, Chao Peng and Somer Han (UAF) and Timothy J. Rogers will create
the integrated computer animation and graphics. Additional performances
include Chun-Chen Chang and John Toenjes (UIUC),


Participating institutions include the University of Alaska Fairbanks
-Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, Boston University, University of
Maryland - College Park, Purdue University - Envision Center for Data
Perceptualization, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, the National
Center for Supercomputing Applications and the University of Utah Center
for High Performance Computing. 


Creating an InterPlay project involves an enormous amount of
preparation, planning and execution. It requires the commitment and
participation of many artists and engineers. Each participating
institution may have as many as eight team members to produce their
artistic contribution. With six participating sites from throughout the
country there are nearly fifty people participating in this InterPlay
performance. Using the Access Grid TM videoconference software tools and
Internet 2, video streams of  live performances from all sites will be
sent simultaneously and combined together on a projection screen. Each
year Another Language Performing Arts Company works to incorporate the
latest available technologies. With the performance dependent on
networking infrastructure, incredible risks are confronted to bring a
live performance into public view. 


To enhance the distributed performance, for the first time, Digital
Video Transport System (DVTS) will be used. Each site will send one
uncompressed digital video stream of their performance in DVTS. Each
stream consumes 30 megabits per second of network bandwidth.   Joe Breen
CHPC Assistant Director of Networking has been working with Josh
Loveless of the Utah Education Network (UEN) to ensure consistent
multicast traffic to Internet 2 and National Lambda Rail. Jimmy
Miklavcic - CHPC Multimedia Specialist has been testing and trouble
shooting among all participating sites.


Other technologies being used include remote Musical Instrument Digital
Interface (MIDI) control among three sites and interactive visual
participation using TigerboardAG developed by Doc Lap Nguyen from
Louisiana State University. TigerboardAG is a shared whiteboard
developed to enhance remote lectures and meetings. In the InterPlay
performance it will be used as an interactive collaborative painting
tool for audience members to create a live work of art during the


Jimmy Miklavcic directs and coordinates all participating sites. During
the performances Jimmy takes the live video streams and interactively
mixes video streams together into a master mix producing surrealistic
imagery and relationships. The Utah studio audience experiences the live
performances and camera work - by cinematographer Natalie Murdock in
action, as well as a choreographed motion screen display manipulated
live by Sam Liston.


Jimmy Miklavcic 
Multimedia Specialist 
Jimmy.Miklavcic@xxxxxxxx <mailto:Jimmy.Miklavcic@xxxxxxxx>  

155 SOUTH 1452 EAST RM 405 
SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84112-0190 

Office: 801.585.9335 
 Fax: 801.585.5366 

http://www.anotherlanguage.org <http://www.anotherlanguage.org/>  


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