[dance-tech] Re: How Can Dance-Tech Community Embrace the Internet?

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As usual, Johannes has struck a chord and I thank him for doing so. I
have to admit that I am more of a lurker than in an instigator, but I do
agree this Josephine and Marlon that the idea of this forum needs to
move to another level. I just tried out Josephine's recommendation of
netvibes and MY GAWD! what a great interface. Thank you.
The construct of this email forum has become quite cumbersome in the
fact that we keep piling on top of each others messages each time we
reply, sending the same data back and forth around the world. Having a
site where this information is on a daily basis where we can truly share
a discourse is much more inviting than the way the dance-tech list has
been operating for the past several years. 
I would like to see the site to be just a tad bit broader and encompass
performance in general. The work that we do may include dance but is
more theatrical and cinematic. 
That's my few farthings worth anyway.
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         I propose the creation of a Dance-tech 2.0 social network
(perhaps using http://www.ning.com/) fully integrated with You Tube,
Flick, etc. (progressive integration with  facebook, Myspace, will come
further ahead)
        In this way we can centralize information, post events,generate
discussions, segment in groups, tag information, and our discussion will
be out there creating also an audience.  The archive will be public.
        I like the Networked Performance model and the Reblog  ( from
eyebeam) model in which  thay rotate the main volunteer blogger (once a
month?). In that way  we distribute and rotate  different perspectives.
        We can also aggregate different RSS feeds from all relevant
sites  (the Winger, the Great dance blog, and others)
        I think that a social network at least would allow us to update
our profiles and keep each other current of our developments.
        Do we own any domain name?
        dance-tech Zone?
        dance-tech 2.0
        performance 2.0
        So, what do you think?

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