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Hello list

people in London might be interested in the following as Johannes in the key speaker

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maria x


Goldsmiths College: a Thursday Club event
@ the Ben Pimlott Building (Ground Right)


on Thursday 16 March, 18:00-20:00
Admission FREE

INTIMACY In Telematic and Proximal Encounters and/or Relationships In Performance and Performative Environments

Intimacy is intertwined with feelings of closeness, trust and familiarity. It is linked with the idea of effective communication among partners in a relationship who feel comfortable with each other, on an emotional and/or physical level.

To be intimate with someone, one has to be present. In embodied encounters the notion of presence is evident: present is someone you can perceive with your senses and intellect in proximity to yourself; someone you can look at, talk to, touch; someone who is material, corporeal and tangible in the space/time of the encounter.

In telematic connections though, the idea of presence is not equally straightforward: media theorists such as Allucquère Rosanne Stone, Sherry Turkle and Katherine Hayles have observed that, when it comes to telematic relationships, a paradox occurs: presence ceases to exist as a self-evident quality; it actually ceases to exist as a quality altogether, as it cannot be perceived in a pure state of absolute presence. In such environments, we cannot distinguish between presence or absence; instead we can perceive presence as absence and the reverse. Presence and absence become two sides of the same coin, a molecule impossible to break down: a presence-absence.

The questions we will raise at the Goldsmith's Thursday Club are:
· How is intimacy experienced in telematic, disembodied, performance or performative encounters?
· How is intimacy experienced in encounters 'staged' or based in proximal, physical, and increasingly mediatized environments?
· What constitutes presence and absence in such relationships, and how can these concepts be revisited to fit our mediated and mediatized praxis of cultural performance and everyday life?
· How does proximal intimacy differ from telematic intimacy? How do both states of intimacy inform and redefine one another?

Participants who will attempt to kick off a discussion through presenting their own thoughts, ideas, obsessions and /or practice are:

Key-Speaker: Prof. Johannes Birringer (Chair of Drama and Performance Technologies, School of Arts, Brunel University)

/Underwearing Telematics: On-line Performance and Fashion /

Rachel Zerihan, PhD candidate (Performance and Live Art Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University)

Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka maria x], PhD candidate (Digital Studios & Drama Department, Goldsmith's College): Chair

for more information contact maria x, email: drp01mc@xxxxxxxxxx


Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka maria x] PhD Art & Computational Technologies 15 Rodmell Regent Square London WC1H 8HX

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