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Forwarding for a friend. Please contact Jef if you are interested

> ....................
> Call: 3-4 PhD-positions in an interdisciplinary project situated
> between Performing Arts and Sciences
> The Swiss National Science Foundation financed Sinergia project
> “Towards an alliance of the Performing Arts and Sciences”, a
> cooperation between the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
> (EPFL) and La Manufacture – Haute École de Théâtre de Suisse romande
> (HETSR) together with the partners Zurich University of the Arts
> (ZHdK) and Munich University (LMU), funds from October 2011 on 3-4
> PhD-positions (for 3 years at the basis of annual contracts and
> evaluation).
> Project objectives
> The project joins the disciplines of Performing Arts, Science and
> Technology with the aim of creating mutual inspirations that lead to
> new trajectories for both artistic expression as well as technological
> experimentation and development. The major focus of the project lies
> in the transformation of theatrical stage environments under the
> influences of modern technologies such as robotics, novel acoustic and
> light technologies, 3(+1)D, interactive design,
> brain-computer-interface, telematics, body tracking, social networks,
> etc. New possibilities of stage-conception and devices as well as
> strategies and ways of making for technical production/realisations
> will be elaborated and creatively implemented.
> Research focus
> The project work focuses mainly on three dimensions of research that
> will be investigated with regard to the concept and the realities of
> stage performance:
> a) Transformation of time and space perception and experience within
> stage-settings;
> b) Intermediality as a dimension for expression and experimentation on stage;
> c) Man-machine relations as a field for the exploration of human
> self-understanding and exposition in living environments impacted by
> artifacts, mechanisation and virtualization.
> Stage, here, is understood as a laboratory for the experimentation on
> experience and concepts of meaning and expression. It is a space for
> exploration and a site for observing the present that allows to create
> and reflect future possibilities of world-making.
> Research organization
> The research is organized within a new, artistic-driven laboratory
> including a black-box situated at la Manufacture (HETSR) and in
> cooperation with doctoral schools of the EPFL. PhDs from different
> fields will be working in close collaboration with various EPFL Labs
> and partner institutions (ZHdK, LMU) as well as external researchers
> and artistis in the performing arts. Research here means not only
> scientific research but is based on a broader concept, including
> artistic research: exploration with the goal to produce knowledge,
> either theoretical, practical or aesthetic one.
> The project aims for the creation of a new type of PhDs at the
> intersection of arts and sciences. Skills and competences coming from
> technological research should be shared between the candidates and
> transformed in a process of intensive exchange with the labs and
> participating artists. PhD-candidates will be supervised by the
> partners institutions. The new lab will be reinforced by a team of
> researchers that cover the technological and scientific as well as the
> theoretical, conceptual and artistic dimensions of the project.
> Profile
> The ideal PhD candidate combines technological, artistic and
> reflective competences. She/He should focus on at least one of the
> research dimensions, as described above. She/he is expected to possess
> the skills necessary to produce prototypes within the project
> framework (including hardware prototyping and/or software programming)
> and theorize about the experiments. Candidates without prototyping
> experience must show an ability to develop the skills necessary to
> participate actively in all working dimensions of the project.
> Candidates are expected to collaborate at the new laboratory in Lausanne.
> Successful candidates will be those who can show an ability to work
> with artists and scientists and contribute to innovative research at
> the point where art and sciences meet.
> The positions are available for 36 months with a contract renewable
> every year. Salary and benefits are highly competitive for
> international standards.
> Application process
> Candidates are invited to send their applications including a letter
> of interest, a CV (including a description of artistic/scientific
> experiences), a statement concerning their research interests (max. 3
> pages; referring to the project framework) as well as two letters of
> recommendation until the 15.8.2011 to the Project Leader Prof. Jeffrey
> Huang (jeffrey.huang@xxxxxxx)-
> For further Information please contact the project managers Jens
> Badura (jens.badura@xxxxxxxx) or Alex Barchiesi
> (alex.barchiesi@xxxxxxx).
> ............................
> Jeffrey Huang
> Professor of Architecture and Digital Media
> Director, Media x Design Lab, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
> (EPFL), 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, +41.21.693.1341
> Principal, Convergeo, Avenue des Tilleuls 6, 1006 Lausanne, +41.79.593.87.91
> Berkman Fellow, Harvard University, Berkman Center for Internet &
> Society, 23 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, +1.617.379.0703
> --
> Marcelo Coelho
> MIT Media Lab | Fluid Interfaces Group
> 75 Amherst St. E14-548H, Cambridge, MA 02139
> marcelo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.cmarcelo.com
> -- 
> Marcelo Coelho
> MIT Media Lab | Fluid Interfaces Group
> 75 Amherst St. E14-548H, Cambridge, MA 02139
> marcelo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.cmarcelo.com

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