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Hi, Yukihiko -
nice work!
I and John Mitchell and some others have also been doing a lot of work in SL, experimenting with body attachments as movement sculptures, animations and nonhuman choreography. We'd be very interested in chatting about this. Here are pics from our last performance:

On Apr 29, 2008, at 9:20 AM, Yukihiko YOSHIDA wrote:

Dear list,

My team is releasing the following modeled product in Second Life.
If you have any interest, please let me know.
Warmest Regards,Yukihiko YOSHIDA

Here is example clips.
inside Second Life/SLURL:

In the Project:“Archidemo” -Architecture in Metaverse

Awarded by FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

Archdemo Project

Experimental demonstration and research
for the possibility of the architecture and environmental design in

Hidenori Watanave


"Archidemo" is experimental demonstration and research for the
possibility of the architecture and environmental design in Metaverse(= the virtual-world). All the activities were done on NikkeiBP and NikkeiBP
way SIM in Second Life. (Aug.01/2007~Jan.09/2008). To expand the
possibility of "Architecture in Metaverse" that was the concept besides "Imitation of the Physical world", various demonstrations that used LSL
(Linden Script Language) were developed by a lot of creators.

In "Archidemo", the field crossing collaboration was achieved. Trial of In- world (=in the virtual-space) photograph exhibition by photographer and metaverse-architect, installation of media art, scientific visualization,
of realization of world of Sci-Fi novel, chatbot space, workshop by
student, and so on.

2.New-style of Collaboration

There were various and unprecedented collaborations in “Archidemo”.

Over 50 members participated in "Archidemo". For example, University
researchers and students, Artist, Photographer, Sci-Fi novelist,
Cognitive Scientist, VR engineer, etc.

They discussed in In-world, and generated the collaboration by the
participant who did not have acquaintance in the real-world. It includes
works of "unpredictable” collaboration in the real world. For example,
"Architect × Sci-Fi novelist", "Architect × Cognitive scientist", and
"Largescale architectural-act by the student from three different actual

3.Contents Oriented Space

I advocate "Contents oriented space" that is new concept and design
method of space.

In Architecture in Metaverse, the following points are requested
"Contents of architecture" can be recognized visually, and be accessed
directly from the outside of architecture. "Wall and ceiling" that obstructs

the view and restrains the action is essentially unnecessary.

Instead of wall and ceiling, “Navigation” composes an architectural
space. People can do flighting, walking, and teleporting and “landing on
the contents”, in Metaverse . Just like in the WEB space.

This concept is called “Contents oriented space”. It was used for design-
work in "Archidemo". Moreover, it became a feature equipped also in
design-works having been constructed by the member who did not have
the advance knowledge.

4. Translating real space into virtual space
In “Archidemo”, there were a lot of architectural experiments that used photograph and movie of a real-space as a “material” of the construction
of a virtual-space.

"Wall and ceiling" is unnecessary in Architecture in Metaverse,
as being described in the preceding chapter. In a word, It is not effective reproduction that even if the construction of the real world is reproduced
by Realistic 3-D modeling.

As an alternative idea, There is very effective method - composing the
space with “Navigation” by using “Material” from the real-world. The
program ties the photograph and Movie.

This is a method of reproducing not "Shape" but "Experience". It can be
paraphrase of "Translating the real-space into the virtual-space".

5.Future Observation

We found the method of constructing and composing the Architecture in
Metaverse through "Archidemo". Now, The experiment of "Translating
virtual space into real space" by using the GIS is progressing.

And the architectural design competition of Metaverse was held by
Nikkei Architecture (~Jan.10/2008). The result is scheduled to be
announced in March 2008.

This project started based on Second Life, because which is the best
virtual-world service available in the present market. But, This is also a
concept which can extend to the general Metaverses.

From now on, we want to extend our concept toward an infinite
possibility of the human interface between real space and virtual space,
and make both worlds more close to each other.

Moreover, this project offers to extend the power of web3D in familiar
way with its contents creators. There is a market where the tools and the
creators have already existed enough, so the future is beside you.

“Archidemo” . Architecture in Metaverse:

-Original Website (Japanese and English)

-Summary (English only)


Hidenori Watanave (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

“Archidemo” Practice member:

Hidenori Watanave, Yasunobu Kurokawa, Taro Nishimoto | skystylers,
Digital Hollywood graduate school Second Life Laboratory, NetDance
Japan, Takashi Iba, Kazuhisa Onodera, Yuichi Watanabe, Mari Asada,
Students of Information design course of The Faculty of Project design
in Miyagi University, Koichiro Hajiri,and Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Nikkei

Collaboration member and cooperator:

Tomoyuki Sakaguchi, Kimio Itozaki, Jiron Koyama, Toh Enjoe, Hirotaka

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