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Fugitive Moments

by Sarah Rubidge, Beau Lotto and Erwan Le Martelot

is showing at the Otter Gallery, College Lane, Chichester

November 23rd – December 15th 2006

Research Presentation by Sarah Rubidge and Beau Lotto: Wednesday November 29th 12-1pm

Two generative digital installations Fugitive Moments I & II will presented in the Otter Gallery. These are the interim results of a two-year science-art collaboration undertaken by Sarah Rubidge and Dr Beau Lotto. Funded by the Wellcome Trust, the project has been exploring the potential of using feeling states engendered when viewing complex patterns of colour and motion as an interactive interface for digital imagery. Subject’s physiological responses, which are indicators of feeling states, have been measured as different versions of the digital imagery featured in the Fugitive Moments installations were viewed. The potential of this data to modulate, in realtime, the evolution of the computer systems that are generating the imagery is currently being explored.

Taking on a variety of colour palettes the Fugitive Moments installations are a form of kinetic digital ‘painting’, designed to affect viewers’ physiological systems as they evolve in the custom- built software which drives them. The choices of the colour and pace in the imagery displayed in the gallery were influenced by the experiments that have been undertaken in Lottolab during the research period. In both installations, as the visual imagery evolves it harbours an echo of the intricacies of the hidden flows of energy that lie within a dancer's movements.

As well as viewing artist-generated imagery viewers will have the opportunity to create their own evolving imagery using the Fugitive Moments computer system.

There is also an opportunity to participate in the ongoing series of biometric experiments which have been undertaken during the Fugitive Moments research and to experience the effect of their physiological responses on the evolution of the imagery. If you are interested in participating in these experiments please contact Sarah Rubidge by email on s.rubidge*a*chi.ac.uk

This project has been supported by The Wellcome Trust, University of Chichester, The Institute of Opthalmology UCL, and lottolab

see images on  www.sensedigital.co.uk


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