[dance-tech] Final reminder: CfP 'Fractured Narratives' - Two Thousand + symposium @ Sonorities Festival, Belfast 2015

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Final reminder of upcoming deadline!

Call for Papers and/or Panels

Two Thousand + FIFTEEN Symposium

Fractured Narratives – Improvised sounds and stories

- In conjunction with the 2015 Sonorities Festival Belfast -

25 April 2015, Queen's University Belfast

The next edition of the TWO Thousand + symposium takes place on Saturday, the 
25th April 2015 at Queen’s University Belfast.

Keynote Speaker: Cathy Lane

Professor of Sound Arts at University of the Arts London. Cathy established the 
department of Sound Arts and Design at London College of Communication. She is 
the co - director of the Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice 


The 2015 edition of the Symposium is curated by Koichi Samuels, Tullis Rennie 
and Franziska Schroeder @Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast.

The theme for the day will have a specific focus on sound, storytelling and 
improvisation. The symposium as always will run alongside the Sonorities 
Festival of Contemporary Music.<http://www.qub.ac.uk/sonorities/index.html>

We are interested in how practitioners and thinkers of sonic arts and 
improvisation from a wide variety of backgrounds address notions of narratives 
in their thinking and practice. We wish to create a dynamic forum where 
practitioners and theorists as well as ethnographers of improvisatory culture 
and practices can debate and exchange insights and approaches.

The notion of fractured narratives conjures up ideas of breakage, but also of 
fragmentation and nonlinearity. It might also link to the idea of untidiness, 
muddling, mess, mishmash, kludge, jambalaya or farrago. Musicians, in 
particular improvisers, can be specifically apt at addressing the messy 
business of spontaneity and the contextual situations they put themselves into.

Sonic artists, composers, performers and improvisers constantly question, probe 
and critically (re-)examine their craft, at times telling stories with sounds, 
struggling (and wanting to struggle) with technique and tools, trying to 
achieve a state where they constantly aim to forget: breaking away from 
previous sounds, engrained patterns or melodies, stored musical memories, 
locked grooves, previous experiences and consciously and unconsciously embodied 
acts and approaches to their sonic materials and stories.

But while improvisation specifically brings into being the body and instrument 
relation to the playing musician as a highly tactile and intimate relation 
marked by constraint and resistance, improvisation also allows for freedom, for 
ignoring, for letting-go, for disregarding, for telling and un-telling stories 
with sounds.

Sonic Artists, please send us your stories! We welcome proposals for paper and 
or panel presentations which address the theme of ‘fractured narratives’ across 
disciplines, as well as those proposals that link improvisatory strategies and 
sonic arts to the idea of ‘narrative’.


At this stage we ask for abstracts of 350 words max. We do not require full 

Please send abstracts with a 50 word biography to 

Deadline: 15th November 2014

All authors will be notified by 19th December 2014.

We encourage storytellers, paper presenters, panelists, performative deliveries 
that might explore (but are not limited to):

Fractured Narratives

Sound and Stories

Sonic Arts, Improvisation and Narratives

Fracture and Fragmentation in Improvisation and Sonic Arts

Improvisation and chaos/mess

Ethnographies of improvisatory culture and practices

Idioms, languages and styles of sonic arts & improvisation

Histories and Cultures of sonic arts and improvisation

Improvisation as process



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