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**New dance film projects announced for the EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2007!**

Four projects have been selected by an international panel for this year’s round of the EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission. With awards ranging from $7,000 to $42,000, the works represent the first commissions given out through this new program.

The winning proposals include a poetic film based on the biography of an African choreographer living in the US, who returns to dance her story in Zimbabwe; a project from Argentina in which a group of dance improvisers use a narrow hallway to create an elegant, abstract, and lively piece of pure movement and form; a dance film featuring US veterans who have recently returned from Iraq; and a work combining the aesthetic of video surveillance in post-Soviet Russia and the filmed movements of a contemporary Russian dancer.

The DANCE MOViES Commission is a program launched by EMPAC to support the creation of new works in which dance meets the technologies of the moving image. The Commission is supported by EMPAC’s Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts. It is open to artists based in North and South America who are making video, film and installation work.

As the first major commissioning program for dance film established in the US, it is already having a significant national and international impact, making the creation of new works possible, and inspiring artists in the field to form new collaborations. This year, the four projects chosen are all single-channel video works which will premiere at EMPAC in the fall of 2008.

EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2007 Recipients (in alphabetical order of titles):

- "Kino-Eye" directed by Joby Emmons, choreographed by Elena Demyanenko (USA)

- "Nora Chipaumire: A Physical Biography" directed by Alla Kovgan and David Hinton, choreographed by Nora Chipaumire with Souleymane Badolo, soundscore by Thomas Mapfumo, produced by Joan Frosch (USA/ Zimbabwe)

- "Pasillo" created by David Farias, Carla Schillagi and Maria Fernanda Vallejos (Argentina)

- "Soldier" directed/choreographed by Victoria Marks, directed by Margaret Williams (USA/UK)

The selection panel consisted of Silvina Szperling (Argentina), Bob Lockyer (UK), Gaelen Hanson (USA), Solange Farkas (Brazil), Hélène Lesterlin, the dance curator at EMPAC, and Johannes Goebel, the director of EMPAC.

See below, for the complete list of the 28 short-listed projects.

For panelists' bios and more info, please visit the EMPAC website: empac.rpi.edu/commissions

Stats for 2007

Selected from 163 applications, of which 28 were short-listed, the 4 funded projects represent the first awards given out through this inaugural round of the EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission. In this year’s pool, 82% of initial proposals came from the US, 10% from Canada, 4% from Argentina, with artists also applying from Uruguay, Paraguay, France and the UK. Three of the recipients are primarily US-based, while one is from Argentina.

Background on the DANCE MOViES Commission

The works supported by the DANCE MOViES Commission are experimental dance works for the screen which vary widely in content and form, yet are united by the fact that they are crafted by a choreographer or movement-based artist. EMPAC has shown films and videos of this kind on the Rensselaer campus through its DANCE MOViES series over the last two years.

DANCE MOViES Commissions may be narrative-based works, abstract works, or may use tools such as computer processing, motion capture, simulation, animation, image processing, and post-production technologies, and some may even extend the confines of the single screen to multiple screens or projections.

Currently, these commissions are funding awards only and do not have a residency component. However, once the EMPAC building opens in the fall of 2008, future commissioned artists may have access to EMPAC’s spaces and technology to create their works as part of the Artist-in- Residence program. The possibilities of how a dance film team could use EMPAC’s facilities include use of EMPAC’s unique studio or theater spaces, digital or theater technology, and professional video and audio suites for editing, mixing and mastering.

The EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commissions are awarded through a competitive open proposal process. The deadline for the next round is February 1, 2008. Applications will be available on the EMPAC website in the fall. Questions: dancemovies@xxxxxxx

More information on the DANCE MOViES Commission or EMPAC may be found on the EMPAC website: empac.rpi.edu


EMPAC—the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center—is a place and a program where the arts challenge and alter our technology and technology challenges and alters the arts. Founded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, EMPAC is an arts institution that draws strength from being part of a great research university. It operates nationally and internationally: attracting innovative artists, both renowned and emerging, from around the world; offering artists, researchers, and audiences opportunities that are available nowhere else under a single roof; providing unsurpassed facilities for creative exploration, and for research in fields such as visualization and movement capture; sending new artworks onto the global stage.

About Rensselaer

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DANCE MOViES Commission 2007 Shortlisted proposals (in alphabetical order of titles):

Contemporary Motion Studies
Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Melanie Aceto (Canada/USA)

curtain call
Goat Island (US)

John Jesurun, Neil Greenberg, Zeena Parkins (US)

Figured Ground
Eric Rosenzveig, Liz Gerring, Willy Le Maitre (Canada/US)

Gone (Remembering Where You Came From)
Kenneth Sherman, Noam Gagnon (Canada)

Andrea Haenggi, Sergei Franklin, Mari Kimura (US)

Insuperable Resurgence
Pooh Kaye, John Kilgore (US)

Land Me Here
Troika Ranch (US)

Margarita Bali (Argentina)

Kwabena Slaughter (US)

Paroles Trouvées
Andrea Davidson, Dominique Besson (France/Canada)

Pater Noster
Daniel Conrad, Aszure Barton (Canada/US)

Perfect Surf
Jenny Rogers and Clove Galilee (US)

Evann Siebens (Canada)

Cari Ann Shim Sham* (US)

Strange Attractors
Kathleen Fitzgerald, Tom Pearson, Zach Morris (US)

The child of yours eyes
Javier Valdez (Paraguay)

The Emergent Improvisation Project  (working title)
Susan Sgorbati, Elliot Caplan, Jake Meginsky (US)

The Fish Aria
Maria Kefirova, Olivier Baier (Canada)

The Garbage Pickers
Mauricio Wainrot, Allison Murray, Kathleen M. Smith (Argentina/Canada)

the root of the tree
Britt Randle, Caroline Niklas-Gordon (Canada)

Tipping Point
KT Niehoff, Sarah Murat (US)

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company (US)

The Whole River
Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad, Brian Harnetty (US)

Hélène Lesterlin
Dance Curator, EMPAC

t  518.276.3918

EMPAC:  Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center
at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY

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