[dance-tech] EG|PC notation/ documentation event in Amsterdam

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  • Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 12:10:55 +0200

Cinedans 2006 Amsterdam Presents:


Dance and new media: new ways of creating and documenting dance

2-3 July 2006

This inaugural Cinedebate into new ways of creating and documenting dance will focus on the EG|PC Notation/ Archive Interdisciplinary Research Project.


Against a background of development in movement arts and sciences, EG|PC (Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten) has undertaken a long-term research project focused on innovative approaches to recording, reproduction, transfer and renewal of their creative work. With the support of EG|PC, the Research group Art Practice and Development, Amsterdam School of the Arts and Cinedans 2006, an interdisciplinary team of specialists from different fields including interactive media design, filmmaking, gesture analysis, cognitive science and dance notation has been invited to discuss and debate the developments of the project so far.

This meeting will take place in a public forum starting Sunday 2 July at 5:30 pm and continuing from 12 noon Monday 3 July. The forum will include the presentation of design ideas for an interactive digital interface and related reflections from cognitive science; augmentation of existing notation systems and relevant research into computation based motion capture and analysis. At the conclusion of the forum, the documentary film based on the Double Skin/ Double Mind workshop will have its premiere screening.

Invitees (alphabetical order):
· Marion Bastien (Dance Notation Specialist - Paris, FR)
· Bertha Bermudez (Repetitor/ Researcher EG|PC - Amsterdam, NL)
· Maite Bermudez (Independent Filmmaker - Barcelona, ES)
· Frédéric Bevilaqua (Gesture Interface Researcher - Paris, FR)
· Scott deLahunta (Arts Researcher - Amsterdam, NL)
· Bianca van Dillen (Choreographer - Amsterdam, NL)
· Carolien Hermans (Choreographer - Amsterdam, NL)
· Corinne Jola (Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher - London, UK)
· Eliane Mirzabekiantz (Dance Notation Specialist - Paris, FR)
· Chris Ziegler (Interactive Media Artist and Designer - Karlsruhe, DE)


Schedule/ Location:

Sunday 2 July: 5:30 to 7:30 pm (De Balie, Amsterdam, Klien Zaal) featuring presentation/ discussion with Bertha Bermudez and Scott deLahunta (project co-organisers) and Chris Ziegler

Monday 3 July: 12 noon to 5 pm (De Balie, Amsterdam, Salon) featuring presentation/ discussion with Marion Bastien, Frederic Bevilaqua, Bianca van Dillen, Carolien Hermans, Corinne Jola, Eliane Mirzabekiantz

Monday 3 July: 5:30 to 7:00 pm (De Balie, Amsterdam, Grote Zaal) featuring the documentary Double Skin/ Double Mind and discussion with Maite Bermudez

Information http://www.cinedans.nl and Reservations: Ingrid van Schijndel <ingrid@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Related URLs:

EG|PC http://www.emiogrecopc.nl/
Marion Bastien and Eliane Mirzabekiantz http://notation.free.fr
Frédéric Bevilacqua http://www.ircam.fr/atr.html?L=1
Scott deLahunta http://www.sdela.dds.nl/
Bianca van Dillen http://www.stamina.nl/
Caroline Hermans http://www.du.ahk.nl/mijnsite
Corinne Jola http://linkme2.net/89
Chris Ziegler http://www.movingimages.de


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