[dance-tech] Dance and Choreomania

  • From: Johannes Birringer <Johannes.Birringer@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 19:03:27 +0100

Dear colleagues, 

it is with great pleasure to announce the publication of: 

Tanz und WahnSinn  / Dance and ChoreoMania
ed. Johannes Birringer & Josephine Fenger
Yearbook 21 of GTF, German Society for Dance Research.
August 2011 / Leipzig: Henschel Verlag, ISBN-10: 3894877103
In German and English.

Throughout the history of civilization, dance and madness have been intricately 
linked to each other – from the Dionysian Mysteries of antiquity
 to contemporary flash mobs and techno raves. Individual and collective states 
of exception have found expression and reflection as well as 
cathartic healing through dancing. Tanz und WahnSinn/Dance and ChoreoMania 
presents a provocative collection of interdisciplinary studies 
on dance and madness combining historical, cultural, schizoanalytic, medical, 
philosophical, therapeutic and artistic perspectives 
that explore the phenomenon.
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