[dance-tech] Choreolab / interdisciplinary workshop in Austria

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 13:43:35 +0100

hello all

For those who did not get information or see the announcement, I'd like to 
mention the "INTERNATIONAL CHOREOLAB" currently in session at Krems University 
campus in Austria, a fantastic location and a very nicely constructed agenda 
for the events of the week, workshops/seminars/performances .............


and if you glance at the program, it's  apparent how much planning went into 
the creation of a rich interdisciplinary dance & science environment , with a 
strong focus on how to achieve a balance between physical work, site specific 
labwork-outside, with collaborative interventions (in the environment),  and 
lab-work inside with presentations and seminars and analytical work.  The 
baroque-neofuturistic environment at Krems Donau-University adds a unique 
quality to this late summe workshop. (i was only able to be there for three 
days, but enjoyed it thoroughly, and want to spread the news). 


International ChoreoLab Austria (ICLA) is a pilot project of Danube University 
Krems in cooperation with Tanz Atelier Wien. This project is dedicated to 
providing continuous education in the context of dance and choreography on a 
university level. The main focus of the project is to foster discourse on an 
expanded understanding of choreography, which links contemporary dance, 
theoretical excursions und performative training across the disciplines. 

During the preparatory phase for the Master Studies Program ?Choreography?, 
innovative approaches to theory and practice of contemporary dance and 
choreography will be investigated in 2009/2010 and both contextually relevant 
theories and music and drama taught in three project modules. The target group 
includes dancers and choreographers as well as others professionals from 
neighboring scientific fields. The course is taught in English. A number of 
partial scholarships are being offered. 

coordinated by:
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gensch 
Sebastian Prantl 


Johannes Birringer
DAP lab
School of Arts 
Brunel University
West London 
UB8 3PH   UK

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