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November 28, 2008

Choreographic Captures 2008:

Dear Artists and colleagues,

We’re pleased to announce that the www.choreographiccaptures.org website is now 

The website contains about 100 choreographic short films which were submitted 
to the first international Choreographic Captures competition in 2008. 
Additional films will be added next year. Choreographic Captures, each of which 
is maximally sixty seconds long, reclaim the format of the advertising clip for 
a new and purely artistic purpose. Choreographic Captures are art in public 

The five prizewinning films from this year’s Choreographic Captures competition 
are now also being shown in selected cinemas, where they’re screened at an 
unexpected moment: in the midst of the series of advertising clips that precede 
a feature film, e.g. between ordinary ads for jeans or cars! Shown in the 
context of such commercial messages, the Captures entertain and surprise movie 
audiences: entirely in accord with the motto “art for those who didn’t ask for 

For more information about the project, the upcoming competition in 2009 and 
the participating cinemas, please visit www.choreographiccaptures.org, where 
you will naturally also find all of the short films – so there’s no need to 
wait until the next time you go to your local cinema!

Visit the website and discover exciting films. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to 
create a Choreographic Capture of your own for next year’s competition in the 
spring of 2009.

Of course, we would be pleased if you would forward this link to all your 
friends and colleagues who might be interested in the project as well. Let’s 
bring art back to life!

Enjoy the films!

visit www.choreographiccaptures.org now

Emil-Geis-Str. 21
81379 München, Germany
Tel +49 (0)89 7 24 25 15
Fax +49 (0)89 7 23 77 82

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