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A n n o u n c e m e n t  


The new Research Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance at
Brunel University in West London (UK) brings together a distinguished
team of researchers focused on producing new insights into contemporary
performance both via cultural and philosophical analysis and through
pioneering creative practice. It has a distinctive transdisciplinary
vision which fuses theatre, dance and live art with new media
technologies and creative software writing/engineering: investigating
new and exciting opportunities for working at the frontiers of art,
science, and technology, where new modes of performance and interaction
are invented. 


Working with national and international partners, and housed in new
purpose-built studios (BoilerHaus), the research centre seeks to explore
and to help define the future of performance art both in live modes and
in its intersections with digital culture. A primary focus is the
investigation of the limits of what is possible in technologically
sophisticated media and performance, both from an embodied performance
art and an engineering viewpoint. 


Researchers: Johannes Birringer (Director), Susan Broadhurst, Steve
Dixon, Barry Edwards, Meretta Elliott, John Freeman, Helen Paris, Kjell
Petersen, Mary Richards, Gretchen Schiller, Paul Verity Smith, Stelarc,
Fiona Templeton. 



Digital Performance (MIT Press, 2007), by Steve Dixon, with
contributions by Barry Smith, is the most comprehensive study to date of
the use of new technologies in the performance arts. Its 800 pages
investigate a range of practices from digitally enhanced live theatre
and dance works to interactive artefacts and installations, and
performance events harnessing cyberspace, robotics, telematics, and
virtual reality. It is divided into two parts, the first exploring
Digital Performance's histories, theories and contexts; the second
analysing its inventive practices and practitioners in sections focused
on themes of The Body, Space, Time, and Interactivity.




The Center and the book will be launched in a ceremony on March 7, and
future announcements regarding the Center's activities will be sent out
to the list.






Johannes Birringer, Director, Center for Contemporary and Digital









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