[dance-tech] Call for Participants - Emergent Objects: Performing Design Colloquium, June 2007

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Emergent Objects: Performing Design Invited Colloquium on Thursday 7th
and Friday 8th June 2007 at the University of Leeds


Emergent Objects: designing the human/technology interface through
performance is a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities
Research Council (AHRC) and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
Council (EPSRC) programme Designing for the 21st Century.


At the colloquium, we want to share our research so far with design
practitioners (e.g. interaction design, experience design, product
design, fashion and clothing, robotics, digital and media art,
engineering, architecture and computing) and reflect on how a range of
design disciplines might make use of the particular approaches and
concepts we are using in the Emergent Objects project.


The project draws on performance knowledge to explore and articulate the
emergent nature of the interface between technological object and human
that is fundamental to the development of new design thinking and
practices. The project uses performance perspectives to investigate the
modelling of a role of design in a technological society and asks
questions about the desirable relationships between users and designed
artefacts, systems or environments. Key research questions include:


-          How do performance processes facilitate interdisciplinary
communication and collaboration in a design context and what new
insights does this bring to design thinking? 


-          How can practice-based methodologies which are used in
performance practice and research be usefully applied to the design


-          How can performance knowledge of play, embodiment and
composition inform the design of interfaces between humans and
technological objects?


-          How do we design interfaces that are fluid, malleable and
emerging, to promote human engagement with technological objects as an
expressive, communicative and creative act?


You can read more about the Emergent Objects project and the June event
on our website: http://www.emergentobjects.co.uk/



We have a limited number of funded places (travel, accommodation and
attendance at the event will be covered for). If you would like to be
involved, please send 50 words on what you think you can contribute to
this research event to pculs@xxxxxxxxxxx by 25th April 2007?


We hope you will be interested in this opportunity to contribute to an
exciting and interdisciplinary research initiative. We look forward to
hearing from you.



Emergent Objects: designing the human/technology interface through

Principal Investigator: Prof Mick Wallis, University of Leeds





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