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ART Explorations TEI 2012 

Submission Guidelines 

The Art Explorations track at TEI 2012 invites interactive artworks that 
explore the intersections between rich materiality, sensory interaction and 
digital and computational expression. The work should be tangibly evocative, 
thought provoking and content rich. Artworks can employ interactivity through 
digital installations, performativity, technology-enriched fashion, objects and 
textiles, and interactive experience. 

Art Explorations welcomes work from a wide range of practitioners in areas such 
as interaction design, research or art and performance, including submissions 
from students and independent practitioners. 

Submissions should meet the following criteria: 

1. Relevant: The work must have a tangible aspect, in the form of an 
installation, object or art piece. 

2. Technological: It must involve computational technology in some aspect of 
its form or function. 

3. Aesthetic : It must have an aesthetic element in form of craftsmanship and 
communicate its message effectively through form, function and emotion. 

4. Creative : It must be inventive, in its concept, technical architectural or 
physical embodied form. 

Submissions will be selected according to the following criteria: 

1. Concept: Conceptual quality of the work. Is the work new, appropriate, 
compelling, exciting? Does it provoke or intensify critical reflection? Does 
the work invent new technical or physical approaches to TEI? 

2. Execution (craft): Is the work well realized? Is it built and executed to a 
high standard? Will it be suitable to exhibit at the TEI 2012 conference? 

3. Aesthetics: Aesthetic quality of the work. Is the material aesthetically 
stunning and evocative? Does the work delight the senses? Does it intensify, 
enchant, amuse or draw on the subtle, visceral qualities of experience? 

4. Provocative : Does the work challenge the status quo of art and design 
theory and practice. 

Submissions will be selected from a panel of expert jurors. 

Kinds of Art Explorations can include but are not limited to: 

• Art installations involving tactile, sonic, kinetic and visually rich 

• Inventions in robotics, sensing, toys, games and entertainment 

• Materially or textile enriched interactivity that illustrates performativity 

• Architectural performances, prototypes and installations 

Submission Instructions 

Submissions are NOT required to be anonymous. The two elements to the 
submissions are: 

• A link to a video (youtube or vimeo) showing the look and feel of the work 
and highlighting its interactive elements. The video must be no more than 5 
minutes in length. If submitting your work is not possible in this format, 
please contact the chairs for alternative video submission instructions. 

• A 2-page written description explaining the concept, references and rationale 
behind the project in ACM SIGCHI abstract landscape format ( word format / 
latex format ). This document must not exceed 10 MB in size. 

At the conference, selected Art Explorations will be installed during the demo 
session. It will be possible to exhibit a poster next to the installation or 

The written description of accepted submissions will be made available on the 
ACM digital library . There will be no opportunity to modify submitted material 
after acceptance. TEI 2012 will also post the videos from accepted submissions 
on www.youtube.com and link directly to this content from the TEI 2012 site. 
Copyright will remain with authors. 

For more information or to submit work, please send email to the Art 
Exploration Chairs: Thecla Schiphorst and Reto Wettach – 

The submission deadline for Art Explorations is 1 November, 23:59 BST (UTC+1), 

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