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I n v i t a t i o n  

Six of Brunel Universitys leading researchers present two stimulating and 
accessible lecture events this week in the Public Lecture Series 2009 [ 
www.brunel.ac.uk/lectureseries ] , Exploring Tomorrow?s World ? the big ideas, 
issues and technologies that will shape the future. 

Both are free, all are welcome and no booking is required. They take place in 
the Newton Room in the Hamilton Centre, Brunel University, West London UB8 3PH, 
doors and bar open at 6.30pm, lecture from 7-8.30pm.

Tues 17 March 2009 at 7pm  

Big Science and Small Science: Principles, Particles and People 

Professor Wamadeva Balachandran, Dr Akram Khan, Professor Geoff Rodgers. 
(Chair: Professor Justin Fisher)

This event considers some key scientific questions of our time ? understanding 
the universe, how physical laws apply to human beings, and how complexity and 
technology change as the scale of the investigation increases. Akram Khan 
presents a study of nano-particles and reflects on the importance of the Large 
Hadron Collider as a ?time machine?. Wamadeva Balachandran considers the impact 
of micro-nano technology on current and future medical diagnostics; and Geoff 
Rodgers demonstrates how the laws of physics can be applied to human behaviour.

Thurs 19 March at 7pm

Explosive Fusions of Art and Science: Revolutionary Directions in Technological 
Arts and Performance

Professor Stelarc, Professor Johannes Birringer, Professor Susan Broadhurst. 
(Chair: Dr Akram Khan)

Susan Broadhurst argues that technology impacts all aspects of human 
experience, and shows how digital artworks and experimental performances both 
celebrate and question what it means to be human. 
Johannes Birringer explores design, participation and interactivity in 
contemporary art, dance and performance, highlighting significant changes in 
the creation, experience and social relevance of art. 
Stelarc explores the changing status of the human body in technological arts, 
from preserved and cryogenically frozen bodies awaiting future reanimation to 
the creation of in-vitro ?chimeras?. In an increasingly ?virtual? world, how 
will the concept of the body develop and what is the relationship between our 
real and virtual selves? 
This event may include some disturbing images.

For more information visit: www.brunel.ac.uk/lectureseries


Forthcoming Public Lectures

Tues 24 March at 7pm
Sex and the Citi-zen ? Sexuality in Contemporary Novels, Films and Videogames

Professor Fay Weldon, Professor Tanya Krzywinska, Dr Xavier Mendik (Chair: 
Professor Steve Dixon)
This event is unsuitable for Under 18s.

Thurs 26 March at 7pm
Utopias and Monsters ? Visions of Future Human and Social Evolution
Professor Chris Jenks (Vice-Chancellor), Dr. William Brown, Professor Dany 
Nobus (Chair: Professor Ken Darby-Dowman)

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