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The Center for Contemporary & Digital Performance at Brunel University is 
pleased to announce the following


to start up our autumn 2014 series:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Gaskell Bldg 048-Drama Studio, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Cleveland Rd, UB8 

16:oo- 17:30

Theron Schmidt
(King’s College)

‘Theatre at work: The life and times of the Nature Theater of Oklahoma’
The theatre is a strange place to seek an escape from alienated labor, given 
its long association with dynamics of abstraction, representation, and 
reproduction.  One possible approach was tendered in the task-based procedures 
of performance in the 1960s, which sought to avoid artifice and restore a sense 
of reality and authenticity to performed actions as “real work.” But, as the 
lines between work and non-work become increasingly blurred in the 21st 
century, a more recent tendency has amplified the theatrical rather than the 
performative, producing not an escape from commodification but rather what 
Nicholas Ridout has called the “commodification-squared temporality of the 
theatrical” (Passionate Amateurs, p. 132).  In this paper, I will consider the 
ongoing project Life & Times by Nature Theater of Oklahoma, which, rather than 
trying to create moments of “real life” that would redeem theatre’s falseness, 
instead ambitiously (and impossibly) sets out to create a theatre that swallows 
up an entire life – including the life of its audience members – within its 
capacious artifice.

Theron Schmidt is Lecturer in Theatre and Liberal Arts in the Department of 
English at King’s College London.  His research and teaching interests include 
contemporary theatre, Live Art, participatory art practices, and politically 
engaged performance.  His writing on contemporary theatre and performance has 
been published in Contemporary Theatre Review, Law Text Culture, and 
Performance Research.  He is an Assistant Editor for Contemporary Theatre 
Review and an editorial board member for Performance Research and the 
International Journal of Screendance.  He is also a co-convener of the London 
Theatre Seminar and the international Performance Philosophy network.  His 
current book project is Being Seen, Being Heard: Politics, Theatricality, and 
Engagement in 21st-Century Performance.

Entry: Open to All

Performance   Research Seminar Coordinator: Johannes Birringer

All Research Seminars are co-produced with dance-tech live TV and streamed 
online as well as archived.:  DAPLab.TV:  http://dance-tech.tv/videos/daplabtv/

check our whole series at:  http://people.brunel.ac.uk/dap/boiler15.html


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