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a n n o u n c e m e n t  ::

The World from within and without

(in memoriam Kazuo Ohno)

Date: Monday and Tuesday, 4-5 April 2011
Venue: Artaud Performance Centre, Brunel University, West London, UK
Home: http://people.brunel.ac.uk/dap/artaudforum.html 

This symposium and performance laboratory initiates a series of annually held 
research events at Brunel University’s Artaud Performance Centre, bringing 
together an invited group of international theatre and dance artists, 
filmmakers, photographers, art theorists and researchers engaged in creative 
practices that reflect on major innovative performance traditions of the past 
century and their impact on current performance knowledge and physical (or 
physical-digital) techniques.  The first instalment of the ARTAUD FORUM is 
dedicated to the memory of Kazuo Ohno and the complex convergences/ differences 
between Japanese and Western performative methods.

The symposium-workshop is composed of dialogue and performance practice, 
intermixed with live dance, film screenings and a photographic exhibition. 

Participant observers are welcome to enrol for a £ 60 conference fee (£ 45 

The “Workshop Words,” as the late Kazuo Ohno called reflections on his 
practice, will be published by the Centre for Contemporary and Digital 

The featured participants will provide important stimulus to the conference 
from various perspectives, informing and challenging our thinking about the 
conference theme.


Biyo Kikuchi (Choreographer/dancer, Kazuo Ohno Studios/Maison Artaud, Tokyo)
Olu Taiwo (Choreographer; lecturer in performing arts, University of Winchester)
Edward Scheer (Associate Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies, 
University of New South Wales &President PSi, Performance Studies 
international, Sidney)
Steve Dixon (Professor of Digital Arts and Performance, Brunel University)
Katsura Isobe (Choreographer/dancer, London)
Katherine Mezur (Fellow, International Research Center, Freie University Berlin)
Damien Serban (Filmmaker, Paris)
Peter Sempel (Filmmaker Hamburg)
Karolina Bieszczad-Roley (Researcher/photographer, Oslo)
Michèle Danjoux (Designer, Principal Lecturer, Fashion, De Montfort University)
Gordana Novakovic (Artist-in-Residence, Computer Science Department, University 
College London, Tesla Art and Science Group)
Ksenia Yakunicheva (Researcher in design and performance, St Petersburg)
Soenke Zehle (direcor, XMLab, HBK Saarbrücken)

Performance:  “I am Here” (Katsura Isobe, with Manabu Shimada)
Performance:  “Cell Dislocation”  (Biyo Kikuchi)
Film Screening: “Just Visiting this Planet” (Peter Sempel)
Video installations:  “Chrysalide" and "Silken" (Damien Serban)
“Ukiyo [Floating Worlds]” (Dap-Lab)
Photography:  Karolina Bieszczad-Roley 

Coordinated by Johannes Birringer (Professor of Drama and Performance 
Technologies, School of Arts, Brunel University) with Hironobu Oikawa 
(director, Maison Artaud, Tokyo, JP)


Registration will open in mid- February 2011.
We look forward to see you at the lab!

For registration, contact:  artaud@xxxxxxxxxxxx 
or call Janette West at 01895 267823

Accommodation at special rates available at:
Lancaster Conference Suite
Brunel University
Kingston Lane

Tel: 01895 268001
Fax: 01895 269696

This event is programmed by the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance 
and has been supported by the Goethe Institute and The Japan Foundation.

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