[dance-tech] 1969/2009: from Futurist Moon to Explorer Art

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  • Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 15:08:03 +0200

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

Enjoy below my last project "1969/2009: from Futurist Moon to Explorer Art".

To be continued on 2009 by conferences there:

"Walk on the Mars Side" @ Annual Inter. convention of The Mars Society in University of Maryland US (1) "OOTT: Once Open a Time Theater" @ "Re-live" symposium Media Art History in Melbourne Australia (2)

Space of Love
Franck Ancel

Paris + 33 676 470 610

(1) http://www.marssociety.org
(2) http://www.mediaarthistory.org

Press release

"1969/2009: from Futurist Moon to Explorer Art"

On the night of 20 to 21 July 2009 at 3:56 (French time), I will make an appointment in space and time - a Conquest for Numerical Exploration of Stage and Screen - for Internet on-line platform (room 27) http://www.selfworld.net founded by Ivan Chabanaud.

After releasing a streaming audio-video in real time from an aircraft in flight between Shanghai and Munich in December 2005 "From Scenography to Planetary Network" with "From Moon to Futurist Explorer Art", This is today a new setting things back to zero away from the limits of what is known. This event is not a copy of the Cirque Calder, or my Container Theater in 1998, but it is a model that was also thought to be connected to the Internet, inspired by the words that I projected on the screen of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris in 2004, "Mobile Wireless Digital".

By coordinating the exhibition on scenographer Jacques Polieri in Paris in 2002 and Berlin in 2003, I was able to present his model in relation to the conquest of space, cosmic as well as scenic. Now I've concluded that there can be no new languages without a temporal written form as a primary consideration for experimenting with space itself. (**)

One hundred years after the manifesto of Futurism, I play with the "art of silence" (*). The so-called « technological arts » have come of age, forty years after McLuhan's theories in relation to electronic communications along with the first steps of man on the moon. We are now entering into a "digital atmosphere" that has nothing to do with the past.

Before my upcoming publication-performance-installation "00/00" in Paris, to close my triptych "1957/2007: from Sputnik Satellite to Explorer Art" and "1958/2008: from Philips Pavillon to Explorer Art" you can participate in "From Futurist Moon to Explorer Art".

I invite you as a space tourist to experience, instead of the absence of gravity, an amusing discovery and, perhaps, to leave your mark on my work, which is also a break from definite space. As Pascale did not say, « facing the eternal silence of these defined spaces which frighten us no more ».

"From Futurist Moon to Explorer Art" selfworld is connected to a wireless IP camera, with different scenery available, directly from the planet Mars taken by NASA robots (***) and characters that I can animate at the time of your choice.

By purchasing a character in this work, representative of the cosmonauts, you become an actor Futurist, Marswalker, Explorer, Artist, etc., depending on your institutional support or private finances.

The pieces in this game are set in a black cube type flightcase. The entire architecture of this "Little Cosmic Theater" is available for exhibition performances in museums and galleries. This gesture is an amusing but radically critical opening to imagine real interconnections between the arts.

Franck Ancel, zerographer, Paris 11th July 2009.
Contacts : info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +33676470610

(*) http://www.franck-ancel.com
(**) http://www.fhnw.ch/hgk/iis/pressespiegel/institut-daten/081108_baz-kultur_in3-08.pdf
(***) copyright NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University

Franck Ancel, craftsman of his life for nearly forty years, of which half has been spent on projects that can be definied in 20 connections: 1989-2009 / invisible-visible / architecture-environment / Kiesler-Polieri / neo-avant-garde / space-time / technology-science / language-form / network-data / history-memory / freedoom-love / screen-stage / sounds-colours / lighthouse-satellite / desert-island / community-xxx / body-mouvement / past-future / skin-soul / spirituality-poetic.

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