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Daily Sedative Update 6/6/01

Site news:
Our dedicated server is at a new home. Thank god! Mirrors suck.

New Top Stories since last update (two weeks ago):
==> Media Apologizes For Election 2000 Coverage
==> Dart Cop Hails New Era Of Film Drama
==> Robert Downey Jr. Named Next Drug Czar
==> Human Cloning Perfected

Media Apologizes For Election 2000 Coverage
Several major media personalities are seeking amends for what they admit may 
have been misleading election night coverage. As coverage began in the evening 
and spilled over into the early morning, the results were not certain while the 
nation needed answers.


Dart Cop Hails New Era Of Film Drama
Today director Sylvestor Stalone has begun filming the movie \"Dart Cop\" which 
will completely re-invent the genre of cop action flicks. This is his first 
step out into the realm of what the industry is now calling 
\"fill-in-the-blank\" cop movies.


Robert Downey Jr. Named Next Drug Czar
Robert Downey, Jr. has had leading roles in Richard III and True Believer, a 
critically acclaimed part in the popular Fox series Ally McBeal, 17 separate 
felony drug charges and now Director of National Drug Control Policy, the 
\"Drug Czar\" post that controls much of national enforcement of drug policy.


Human Cloning Perfected
Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore albums break sales records
The scientific world is reeling from an announcement from BMG Entertainment 
Group that it has successfully duplicated, developed and marketed the two human 
clones to a mass market. The breakthrough is being met with a divided 
scientific chorus that say cloning is ethically questionable and the new albums 
are catchy and upbeat \"feel-good\" music.

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