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Hunger Strike to Stop Chinese President’s 
New “Shoot on Sight” and “Kill Without Mercy” Orders

Statement by Falun Gong Practitioners on Hunger Strike
Ottawa, Canada

March 13, 2002

Today, we have gathered at Ottawa’s Parliament Hill in a symbolic fast: 36 
hours without food. We are calling the immediate attention of our government, 
kind-hearted people, NGOs and the international community toward what is now a 
state of critical and urgent crisis in a recent, sharp escalation in the brutal 
persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Canada’s voice is needed.

Following orders to “completely eliminate” Falun Gong, police in China have 
been ordered to “shoot on sight" Falun Gong practitioners seen putting up 
banners, posters or distributing flyers. At least three shooting cases have 
already been reported. On February 12, the first day of the Chinese New Year, 
Mishan City policeman Du Yongshan discovered Falun Gong practitioner Jiang 
Honglu posting Falun Gong literature at around 2 a.m. The policeman reportedly 
opened fire, and Jiang’s leg was broken in the incident.  On February 16, in 
Anshan City,  police opened fire on three Falun Gong practitioners. One of the 
men was struck twice, the first bullet traveling straight through his upper 
thigh, the other grazing his face.  Photographs of one shooting victim have 
been posted on www.faluninfo.net. 

In another recent escalation of violence, last week orders were passed down 
from the Chinese president to “kill them [Falun Gong practitioners] without 
mercy”, with lists of practitioners being compiled nation-wide.  Over 100 
Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun City have already been kidnapped and 
their whereabouts are now unknown. This has been the most serious escalation 
thus far in the already severe persecution of Falun Gong in China.

It has been two years and eight months since the persecution of Falun Gong 
started in China. When the persecution of Falun Gong started, practitioners 
initially adopted the standard means outlined in the Chinese Constitution of 
visiting Appeals Offices to present their case, petitioning the government to 
stop persecuting innocent people. Practitioners clarified to the Chinese 
government Falun Gong’s truly peaceful, beneficial and apolitical nature.  
When Falun Gong practitioners were denied this right to appeal and when Appeals 
Offices became gates to labour camps (Amnesty International reported Appeals 
Offices even taking down their signs), Falun Gong practitioners then appealed 
peacefully for international support to resolve the situation.  As the 
persecution in China escalated and harsh violence and torture was officially 
sanctioned and became prevalent, Falun Gong practitioners approached NGO’s, 
human rights groups and the public for support.  Through every step and every 
escalation of violence, Falun Dafa practitioners have used peaceful and 
rational means to appeal for the end of the persecution, keeping in mind the 
interest of society, the government and their own safety.

The peacefulness and determination of Falun Dafa practitioners have been 
acknowledged with successive Nobel Peace Prize nominations the past two years, 
awards from the United States’ oldest human rights organization, Freedom 
House, the praise of law enforcement and governments around the world, hundreds 
of proclamations from Mayors and other government officials and the support of 
millions of people throughout society.  Falun Dafa practitioners have achieved 
this because their pursuit is not for political power or self-interest but 
rather to espouse and protect the very values that Falun Dafa has brought to 
us—namely the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.  Falun Dafa 
practitioners in China and around the world strive to uphold and protect these 
principles, dedicating their lives so that future generations may also benefit 
from the virtuous teachings of Falun Dafa. 

Falun Dafa practitioners in China are now being shot in the streets and summary 
executions have been ordered.  What appropriate avenue of appeal remains?  This 
is why a peaceful, patient and rational group of people are now fasting at the 
steps of our capital to demonstrate the urgency and the severity of the current 
severe escalation of violence against innocent people.   

On March 19th, the UN Human Rights Commission's 58th session will convene in 
Geneva. If this inhuman persecution of Falun Gong, which has now reached 
unconscionable levels of ruthlessness and barbarity, is allowed to escape 
official condemnation, it will be an eternal stain on our world’s history and 
a deep shame for all UN member countries. Tabling a motion to censure China for 
these atrocities is not an option or a matter of choice; it is an absolute 
responsibility of the entire international community. It is also fundamental 
for Canada’s future perception as a nation that upholds basic human rights 
and cherishes the basic values of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance , which are 
espoused by Falun Dafa. 

We call on our Canadian government to initiate a resolution, that condemns and 
censures China for its persecution of Falun Gong, at the UN meeting beginning 
in Geneva next week.  We appeal to all people to help stop president Jiang 
Zemin’s “Shoot on Sight” and “Kill Without Mercy” orders and to 
rescue Falun Gong practitioners who are suffering persecution in China.  

We participate in this 36-hour symbolic fast in the hopes that it may awaken 
your hearts and inspire you to do what is right.  
Hunger Strikers on Parliament Hill
 Increases to 100 
China’s Police Ordered to Shoot Falun Gong Practitioners in the Streets for 
Hanging Banners and Handing Out Flyers

Activities on Thursday March 14 (Day 2), Ottawa
Hunger Strike   Till 9pm        Parliament Hill
March to Foreign Affairs        3:45-4.30pm     Parliament Hill to Foreign 
… then to Chinese Embassy     4.40 -5:00 pm   Foreign Affairs to Chinese 
Candle Light Vigil      5-7pm   in front of Chinese Embassy

Ottawa, March 14 – The first day of a hunger strike by approximately 70 Falun 
Gong practitioners came to an end on Wednesday March 13 with a beautiful candle 
light vigil in front of Parliament Hill. The number of hunger strikers 
increases to over 100 this morning.

Some other Falun Gong practitioners in Canada who were unable to make the 
sudden trip to Ottawa have joined in the hunger strike at their homes or in 
their workplaces.

The hunger strike is in response to the most severe escalation of violence 
against Falun Gong practitioners by Chinese officials since the start of the 
persecution over 2 ½ years ago.

Chinese president Jiang Zemin, without proper legal procedure, reportedly gave 
orders to “Kill (Falun Gong practitioners) without Mercy”, immediately 
following a March 5 surprise TV broadcast in Changchun city in northeastern 
China that was supportive of Falun Gong. Cities and provinces across China have 
been compiling lists of specific Falun Gong practitioners to be executed.

A letter to the PM was delivered to the PMO on the first day of hunger strike. 
They urge the Canadian government to put forth a resolution at the United 
Nations 58th Human Rights Commission starting next week, condemning the 
unprecedented escalation in the persecution of Falun Gong in China. “It is 
Canada’s international responsibility to stop this state terrorism in 
China,” said Zenon Dolnyckyj of Toronto, who initiated the hunger strike

This request was echoed by several MPs yesterday who personally commended 
practitioners on the site of hunger strike and more wrote supporting letters.

China’s police have received orders to “shoot on sight” any Falun Gong 
practitioners seen handing out or posting Falun Gong flyers in China. So far 
four practitioners have been reported shot in the streets in Liaoning and 
Heilongjiang Provinces. (see detailed and photos of person shot reports at 
http://faluninfo.net )

Falun Gong is a high level self-improvement practice that is based on the 
principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. Mr. Li Hongzhi introduced 
it to the public in 1992 in China. Since then, millions of individuals around 
the world have taken up the peaceful, meditative practice.

Due to its popularity in China, Falun Gong was banned by Jiang Zemin’s regime 
in 1999. A massive propaganda campaign started to demonize the group to justify 
the crackdown. According to government sources, at least 1,600 practitioners 
have died in the hands of police.

Contact:        Zenon Dolnyckyj 416-568-8289 (cell) Grace Wallensak 613-864-4408
Website:        www.faluninfo.net       www.falundafa.ca


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