Quebec Superior Court Expands Order to Strictly Stop Defaming Falun Gong

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News Release           For Immediate Release            February 8, 2002

Quebec Superior Court Expands Order to Strictly Stop Defaming Falun Gong
--- Barred from using words ?evil?, ?hate?, ?deviant?, ?perverted practices?,
?enemies of the state?, and  the like

Montréal ? Yesterday, the Quebec Superior Court expanded a safeguard order to
include more restrictions on Montreal-based Chinese newspaper Les Presses
Chinoises in its publications because of its violation of the existing
safeguard order which prohibits it from defaming Falun Gong.
The court order prohibits Les Presses Chinoises from publishing material about
Falun Gong which is unreasonable or contrary to Quebec and Canadian Law, and
also from directly or indirectly using the words ?evil?, ?hate?, ?deviant?,
?perverted practices?, or ?enemies of the state? in reference to the
practitioners of Falun Gong.
A safeguard order was first issued on December 10, 2001. Despite Les Presses
Chinoises contesting the safeguard order on January 7, 2002, the court renewed
it. However, Les presses Chinoises ignored these court orders, and abused its
access to media in publishing a 12-page insert that continuously defames Falun
Gong and incites all the Chinese people in Canada to ?denounce? Falun Gong.
?We intend to bring contempt proceedings against the respondents for violating
the existing orders of the court with respect to the content of the insert.?
said petitioner Dan Sky.

?Les Presses Chinoises would even dare to violate the court order to echo
Chinese government?s propaganda. We have to do what we can to stop hate
propaganda from poisoning our country. The Chinese authorities are making
every effort to influence the media.? said another petitioner Yumin Yang.

Falun Gong lawyer Mr. Michael Bergman said, after the hearing, ?The
willingness of the Court to place more severe restrictions on the newspaper
indicates the favorable reception of the legal position of Falun Gong
practitioners. My clients seek to uphold Quebec and Canadian society as a
place where they can practice their beliefs in freedom and without fear of
hate-inciting material.?

Background information:
Falun Gong is a practice of body, mind and spirit through focusing on the
universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, and
practising meditation exercises. Falun Gong became the target of a large-scale
persecution campaign since July 1999 due to its popularity. Since then, the
president of China launched a propaganda smear campaign to defame Falun Gong.

In November 2001, articles in the form of ?advertising? severely defaming
Falun Gong were published in Les Presses Chinoises. Despite 3 lawyers? letters
warning of legal action, Les Presses Chinoises continued to attack Falun Gong.
Some of this material is identical, word-for-word, to that used by the Chinese
government to incite hatred against Falun Gong.

With no other choice, in order to stop the stream of hate-inspiring articles,
126 individual Falun Gong practitioners seeking redress for damages, a
retraction of the material and an apology, filed a lawsuit.

Contacts: Mr. Michael Bergman 514-941-2203 (C),   Yumin Yang 514-812-7723 (C)


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