News Release: Contempt of Court charges reinstated

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News Release                                    for Immediate Release           
July 4, 2003

Falun Gong Practitioners Win Court Appeal; 
Contempt of Court charges against the Chinese Press in Quebec reinstated 

Montreal  Last Friday, Quebec Court of Appeal overturned a decision of the 
lower court and reinstated the Falun Gong practitioner’s prosecution for 
Contempt of Court Charges.

The Montreal Chinese Newspaper Les Presses Chinoises and the author Bing He now 
face two lawsuits for ignoring a safeguard order of the Quebec Superior Court 
and for their hate propaganda against Falun Gong.

Since November 2001, Les Presses Chinoises has continuously published articles 
inciting hate against Falun Gong. To stop this defamation, Falun Gong 
practitioners from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto filed a lawsuit against the 
paper, its publisher and the author Bing He. On December 10, 2001, the Quebec 
Superior Court issued the first safeguard order to prohibit the paper from 
publishing articles of similar nature. Such safeguard order had been reiterated 
3 times, each time with stricter restrictions. In January 2003, the Superior 
Court of Quebec has completed the investigation and all the preparations, and 
set the full trial for merit dates to November 10-25, 2003. 

However, Les Presses Chinoises and Bing He ignored these orders and continued 
to publish hate propaganda. On Feburary 2, 2002, it published a 12-page inserts 
specially designed to incite hatred against Falun Gong, with 2 full pages of 
identical content published previously.

Falun Gong practitioners believed that the paper had violated the safeguard 
order, and had then commenced a civil prosecution for contempt of court.
In April 2002, however, the lower court dismissed the case based on the belief 
that the restraining order was vague and ambiguous.  Practitioners of Falun 
Gong then appealed this decision in May of 2002 to the Quebec Court of Appeal. 

On Jun 30, 2003, The Quebec Court of Appeal overturned such decision and found 
that the original restraining order is clear and found that the “Contempt of 
Court” charges has sufficient merit to continue.

Justice Beaudoin wrote in the factual text of his judgement: “… It appears 
that most, if not all of these texts, were taken from quasi official statements 
made by the Chinese government which apparently has attempted by various means 
to prevent the spreading of the Falun Gong doctrine and to discredit its 
members in certain expatriate Chinese communities…”. he ruled: “I am of the 
opinion that the appeal should be allowed, the judgment of the Superior Court 
quashed and the contempt proceeding returned to the Superior Court for 

Mr. Michael Bergman, legal counsel for Falun Gong practitioner applauds the 
decision on appeal: “It is an important step to completely halt hate 
incitement of Les Presses Chinoises;  and the hate from the Chinese government 
here in Canada”.

Contact: Mr. Michael Bergman: 514-249-1177 (c ), Lucy Zhou 613-599-7494


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