[cub98] FW: Mid Sale Rally at the Zoo (Overnight details)

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Hello all here is some information that you will need if you are attending
the Zoo rally.  The initial information about the Mid sale Rally this
Saturday is in your popcorn packet.  
Any questions let me know.  
Thanks, Gail 


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Dear Leaders,


The October 10th Mid Sale Rally at the Cincinnati Zoo will be a great event
this Saturday!  I hope that you and all of your families are planning to
take advantage of this great deal and the opportunity to enjoy the Powered
by Popcorn Show.


I realize, however, that many families will have conflicts due to the busy
fall season.  The second portion of this recognition event is a Nocturnal
Overnight experience this Friday (16th).  Scouts that have sold $850 by
Saturday morning qualify for this great experience.  If these Scouts attend
the zoo event, they will receive registration information that morning.  


Scouts do not have to be present on Saturday morning at the zoo to qualify
for the overnight.  To be invited for the Friday night event, simply SCAN,
FAX or WALK IN your $850 or more order form to the Scout Achievement Center
by NOON on Saturday, Oct. 10th.  The order form must include the Scout's
name, address, e-mail, and unit number.  This is a "two week blitz"
recognition and therefore, late entries will not be included.  


Send scans to matt.rowan@xxxxxxxxxxxx and faxes to (513) 577-7687.


Thanks for all that you do for Scouting!  Hope to see you at the Zoo!


Matt Rowan

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