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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


Kill unwanted programs that hijack your system tray and cause your
computer to run slower than a snail here:

For those of you with limited memories, use this tip to handle
tasks such as disk defragmenting and antivirus updating:

Have fun with fonts after installing this shareware program: 

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   


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Leo's Show Notes for Thursday, February 15...

* Change Desktop Wallpaper

Kirk from Westfield, NJ wanted to know how to modify
his desktop wallpaper. The easiest way is to use your
browser. Find an online image you like (such as
http://members.aol.com/zdtv) and right click on it.
Select "Set as Wallpaper..." and the image will
become your desktop. 

------------- Lightning Round ----------------

* Automatically Empty Trash in Outlook Express

Allan from Amesbury, MA hates the fact that he has to
manually empty the Deleted Items folder in Outlook
Express. There's a setting that will do it
automatically, Allan. Select Options... from the
Tools menu and click the Maintenance Tab. Click the
box that says "Empty Deleted Items on Exit" and
you'll never have to manually take out the trash

* Switching Excel Spreadsheets

Mark from McMinnville, TN hates mouseclicking. He
wants an easy way to switch between sheets from the
keyboard. You can switch between open spreadsheets by
hitting CTRL TAB. Switch between Worksheets within a
single spreadsheet by hitting CTRL PGDN or CTRL PGUP.

* Converting Word 95 files to Word 97

Bianca from Bloomfield, NJ has a bunch of Word 95
files she wants to convert to Word 97. The easiest
way to do this is to open them from within Word 97
and save. Microsoft also offers a variety of
converters at the Office site,


Click the Converters and Viewers box and press the Search Now!

* Printing PRN files

Nathan from Nacogdoces, TX uses the print to file
feature to print his documents to the hard drive. He
wants to know what to do with the resulting .PRN
files when he gets them home. You can copy them to
the printer with a DOS command:

copy /b FILE.PRN LPT1:

but for a full featured PRN printing program try
Imprint from http://www.gallicrow.co.uk/Imprint.html.
It's $30 shareware but you can try it for free for 30

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. Becky's in with Back to Basics tomorrow.
I'll be back on Monday. Meanwhile, remember, it's not
your fault!

Don't forget... If you have a netcam and a computer question... go
to the Netcam Cineplex located in our chat room 45 minutes before
the show starts, talk to Joshua, and you can get on TechTV. Plus
we'll send you your very own Call for Help cup holder, just like
the one Leo uses. 

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