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Becky's Classic Show Notes for Friday, November 17, 2000.

Computer Discounts for Students
Alex, Youngstown OH
Alex is heading off to college in Las Vegas and wants to know if he

should buy a desktop or a laptop,  a Mac or a PC, and how to save a

few bucks on the big purchase.
Here's my collegiate computer checklist:
Laptop or Desktop
* Although theft or negligence can lead to the loss of a laptop
while desktops are more secure, I much prefer the laptop for
college.  Many schools are mandating that students bring a laptop
so that they can take notes or study in the library and
* If price is a big issue, you can always get a less expensive
desktop and make do.  People got smart for many years without any
computers, but from a convenience standpoint, laptops rule.
Mac or PC
* Find out if your school is Mac or PC or both.  Call the IS
department on campus and ask their advice.
* If you have any inkling about a field of study, call the
department you may major in to ask what platform most students and
faculty prefer.
* From a price perspective, a PC will generally be cheaper.
Student discounts
* Apple and Dell are best known for their student discounts.  Dell
offers anywhere from 2%-4% off of the purchase price of a system.
Apple has varying degrees of discounts. An iBook with a student
discount runs $50 cheaper than retail, RAM upgrades are 50% off and

the real deal is on software-  you can expect reductions of  60%-
off retail prices. Check out special sites like www.journeyed.com
that are geared towards students and student discounts.
* Check every computer manufacturer's website for a student or
education section.  If you really like a system from a company that

doesn't appear to offer any student deals, call their sales reps,
ask about student discounts, and haggle like there's no tomorrow.
Many sales reps have the discretion to offer potential customers
discounts up to 10% off retail price (whether you are a student or
not has no bearing on this, it's just good reason to plead for the
discount- can we say "student loans for LIFE!")
* Call you school bookstore and check prices with them against any
deals you find online-  the bookstore may actually be able to beat
the online prices and you won't have to worry about shipping
* Most of these student discounts mandate that you provide a
student ID to be eligible.  If you are a freshman, call the
registrar's office and ask if they can tell you what your ID number

is prior to the start of the first quarter.

Wireless Modems

Karin in Buffalo, NY

Karin is getting ready to take some online classes and wants to
maximize her study time.  She wants to be able to study on the go
while she's waiting to pick up her kids from school. I suggested
two options: either a Ricochet modem from metricom.com or a Xircom
cell phone modem. The Ricochet costs only $99 but the service is
not available in many locations.  Check this site to see if it's
available in your area

The Xircom RealPort PC card is a combo modem with a port for your
cellphone-  check it out at
http://tm0.com/sbct.cgi?s=117655167&i=298171&d=1013444  .

Your Questions & Comments
If you have any computer questions or comments about the show,
send me email

Remember- it's not your fault-  well maybe sometimes it is... ;)

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