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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


Do you need help using Google's search engine? We asked Google's
co-inventor to explain how the search engine works, and he gave us
his top five tips for getting it to work better. Read all about it

Martin Sargent is on the hunt for the ultimate Valentine's date.
He's come up with some interesting ways to find love online:

We've received several emails asking us how to remove programs that
aren't listed in the Add/Remove menu. The safest way to remove any
program is by using the uninstaller that should have come with the
program. If you need another way to remove unwanted programs, then
this article is just for you:

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   
Memory PC - Memory prices have fallen substantially, and
Outpost.com is passing that savings on to you! With FREE DELIVERY.
Leo's Show Notes for Monday, February 12, 2001 ...

* Adding RAM

Jason from Mansfield, OH has an e-machines with 32
megs of RAM. He wants to upgrade to 128. The key is
to get the right RAM for your machine. I use the RAM
selector at http://www.crucial.com to figure out what
kind to buy. They also make excellent RAM at
competitive prices. You should also make sure to
prevent static electricity from zapping your computer
components. In most cases it's sufficient to touch
the metal casing of the power supply while the
computer is plugged in. In more severe circumstances
you can buy a static discharge strap from your local
computer store. 

* Windows Me and Tomb Raider Chronicles

David from Cleveland, TN has been having trouble
getting Tomb Raider Chronicles working with Windows
Me. We couldn't find a patch, but contact Eidos for
information. Or visit

Meanwhile Shannon has some good suggestions. She

Tell the caller that you have to do a Scandisk and
Disk Defragmentation before running this game.  If
not, your game will freeze as you go to different
levels or the sound will loop until the scene is
done.  And on rare occassions, it will crash, showing
the (gasp!) blue screen of death. 
Also, you need to update your video and audio drivers
from DirectX 7.1 to DirectX 8.0.  The game comes with
DirectX 8.0 that it installs in your pc. 
Thanks, Shannon! 

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. I'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, remember,
it's not your fault!

Don't forget... If you have a netcam and a computer question... go
to the Netcam Cineplex located in our chat room 45 minutes before
the show starts, talk to Joshua, and you can get on TechTV. Plus
we'll send you your very own Call for Help cup holder, just like
the one Leo uses. 
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Purifier from SharperImage.com.


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