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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


Don't believe the hype when it comes to DSL service. We've
uncovered five myths DSL providers don't want you to know about:

Put an end to Internet Explorer's content advisor notification: 

Mute your synthesizer before visiting websites that blast horrible
MIDI files upon unsuspecting ears:

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   

Memory PC - Memory prices have fallen substantially, and
Outpost.com is passing that savings on to you! With FREE DELIVERY.
Leo's Show Notes for Friday, February 26, 2001...

Update on the Content Advisor error:

I messed up the answer to the Content Advisor question.
It's a little more complicated than I let on. The
configuration error occurs when content advisor is
turned on but the RATINGS.POL file is missing, damaged,
or duplicated in the C:\windows folder.

Microsoft has complete instructions on fixing the
problem in its Knolwedge Base


* Genealogy software

Aaron from Charlottesville, VA gave his dad a scanner.
Now he wants to give him some genealogy software to use
with it. There are two main programs in the stores:
Family Origins from http://formalsoft.com/, and Family
Tree Maker from http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com.
I've used both and like FTM the best.

* Missing Web images

Allen from Modesto, CA says all the pictures on web
pages are missing. He just sees a square placeholder.
There are two ways to turn off images in Internet
Explorer. The easiest is with a web accessory you can
download from
that puts a Toggle Images item into the Links
toolbar. Press it to turn images on and off. 

You can also disable pictures in the Internet Options.
Click the Advanced... tab and uncheck "Show pictures"
under the Multimedia heading.

Why would you want to disable images? To speed up
browsing! Images take the lion's share of your download

* Bad power supply

Jimmy from Abilene, TX says his power supply failed
after two weeks. He wants to make sure it won't happen
again. Chances are it was just bad from the start, but
it's probably a good idea to put some power conditioning
on the line. I recommend a surge supressor or UPS from
APC, Tripp Lite, or Panamax. The best power supplies
come from PC Power and Cooling.

---------------- Lightning Round ---------------

* System Information

Jimmy wants to know how to find out how much RAM and
stuff his system has. Open the System control panel.
You'll see how much RAM there is on the front page. To
get a full system inventory, click the Device Manager
tab, click the Print... button.

* Start Button

Bill says there's no Open command when he right clicks
the Start button. Not sure why that is, but another way
to get to the Start folder is to open c:\windows\start

* Jungle on the Desktop

Cory from Lemont Furnace, PA wants to put a Jungle on
his desktop. There's a jungle desktop theme which does
that. If you don't have a Desktop Themes control panel,
install it by opening the Add/Remove Programs control
panel and clicking the Windows Setup tab. Click the
Dektop Themes item and press OK. You may be prompted for
your Windows install disc.

You can also find wonderful images on the web. If you
see a jungle picture you like, right click on it and
select "Set as wallpaper" to make it your desktop. I
like the images at http://www.webshots.com. They're free
but you do have to install their software to use them.

* PCI or AGP?

Tom from Pasadena, MD wants to know how to tell which
video card to get: AGP or PCI. The only way to tell is
to check the inside of your computer for an AGP slot.
AGP slots are the short brown slots closest to the CPU.
If you only have white slots, get PCI. 

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. I'll be back tommorrow. Meanwhile remember,
it's not your fault! 

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