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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


Good utilities are hard to find. We've wrangled the top 10
must-have utilities to keep your PC healthy and purring like

Today Leo finds inner-PC peace as he rebuilds his hard drive from
the ground up. Find out how to make your PC just like Leo's here:

Are your files taking an unusually long time to open? It's time to

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   

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Leo's Show Notes for Wednesday, February 7, 2001 ...

* Show Desktop

Corey from Charleston, WV deleted the Show Desktop
command from his Quick Launch toolbar. If you have
Quick Launch turned on on your taskbar (right click
the taskbar, select Toolbars and check the Quick
Launch item to see it) you'll notice an icon with a
blotter with pad and paper on it. Click the icon and
any open Windows are instantly minimized so that you
can see the desktop. You can achieve the same effect
by pressing the Windows and D key on your keyboard.

If you've deleted the icon, you can restore it by
searching for DESKTOP.SCF and making a shortcut of
the file in the toolbar. Press F3 to open the search
dialog, type DESKTOP.SCF in the "Search for files or
folders named:" box and C: in the "Look in:" box then
hit return. When you've found DESKTOP.SCF drag its
icon to the Quick Launch area of your taskbar.

* IDE Slots

Mike from Utica, NY has a new CD recorder but he's
already maxed out his computer's 4 IDE devices. You
can add more IDE devices by installing a IDE
controller. The best are made by Promise
Technologies, http://www.promise.com.

* Lycos Browser

Ben from Cottage Grove, OR installed the Lycos
Browser and said yes when it asked whether it should
be the default browser. Now he regrets his decision.
He wants Explorer to be the default browser again.
The default browser is the browser that automatically
starts when you click on a web address.

To make Explorer the default browser, open the
Internet Options control panel, click the Programs
tab, and check the box that says "Internet Explorer
should check to see whether it's the default
browser." Close all open browser windows, including
the Lycos window (that's what I did wrong on the air,
by the way) and then open Internet Explorer. When it
asks you if you want it to be the default browser,
say yes.

You can also uninstall the Lycos browser from the
Add/Remove Programs control panel.

------------- Lightning Round ---------------

* MSConfig

Robert from Houston TX uses the Microsoft System
Configuration Utility (click Start, Run... and enter
"msconfig" then hit return to run it, then click the
Startup tab) to turn off programs that start
automatically on boot. He wants to know how to remove
those unchecked entries. There's only one way.
Uninstall the related programs. 

* Network Card

Timothy from Columbus OH wants to know if he's got a
network card on his PC. Check the back for an RJ-45
connector - it looks like a fat telephone connector.
If you've got one, you've got a network card.

* Good PC books

Diana from Chicago IL is looking for a good computer
book for beginners. I highly recommend "The Little PC
Book" by Larry Magid and published by Peachpit Press.
"The Little Mac Book" by Robin Williams (not the
comic) is perfect for Mac users. 

* Uninstalling Screen Savers

Terry from Monterey Park, CA wants to delete a screen
saver. If the program doesn't have an uninstaller
look for it in the c:\windows directory. Search for
files ending in .SCR. They're screen savers. Instead
of deleting the file, rename it in case you ever want
it back. 

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. See you tomorrow, and remember, it's not
your fault!

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