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Don't be limited to sticking with name-brand search engines the
next time you're looking for specifics. There are many search
engines out there that cater to searching the invisible Web. Query
these sites the next time you need focused results:

It's a good thing many DVD players support the popular Video CD
format. Now you can archive VHS tapes before they're lost forever.
Start by reading this tutorial and then get to work preserving your

See websites a whole new way with the help of this Web tip:

Repair or clean up your hard drive with ScanDisk after reading this

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   


Memory PC - Memory prices have fallen substantially, and
Outpost.com is passing that savings on to you! With FREE DELIVERY.

Leo's Show Notes for Wednesday, January 31, 2001...

* Customizing Folders

Sonny from Daytona Beach FL had an interesting question. He
likes to customize his folders with background images, sounds,
and more. You can do the same by opening a folder then
selecting Customize this folder from the View menu. He wants
to copy the customizations to all his folders. You can make
your folder setup the default by selecting Options on the View
menu, clicking the View tab, and then clicking Like Current
Folder. But it won't take all the customizations with it.
That's intentional according to Microsoft:


The customizations are stored in an invisible file in each
folder called FOLDER.HTT. This is an HTML file which you can
edit yourself if you know what you're doing. You should also
be able to copy it to other folders to duplicate the

* Spyware

Alana from Tuscon AZ is using an Internet firewall I've
recommended many times called ZoneAlarm
(http://www.zonelabs.com). It alerted her that a program
called TSADBOT.EXE was trying to access the Internet. She
wanted to know what it is. I believe it's something called
spyware. This type of software commonly comes with advertising
supported programs. It's responsible for automatically
updating the ads, but some say it may also be sending
information about your surfing habits back to the advertiser.
For more information about SpyWare visit Steve Gibson's OptOut
site, http://grc.com/optout.htm. Steve makes a SpyWare remover
and is working on a commercial version that's even more
complete. He also recommends a program called Ad-aware from

----------------- Lightning Round ------------------------

* Default Search Engine

Andy wants to make Google his default search engine in
Internet Explorer. Who doesn't. The default search engine is
used whenever you enter a search phrase in the browser's
address window. Changing the default search engine requires a
modification to the Windows registry. Fortunately, Google has
done the hard work for you at
http://www.google.com/defaults.html. Google does not say that
this works with the latest version of IE, v5.5, and it didn't
seem to take on our machine, but it's worth a try. 

* Changing the default save folder

Mark from Dunbar, WV says his programs always try to save
files into My Documents. He wants to save files into other
folders. Many programs will remember where you saved last time
and start there next time. Other programs, like Microsoft
Word, have an option for setting the default save folder. 

* Outlook Express password protection

Mike from NJ wants to protect his Outlook Express email from
others. That's easy to do using OE's Identity feature. Create
a new identity from the File menu and assign it a password.
Only you will be able to get and read email for your account.

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for watching.
I'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, remember, it's not your


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