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"Will you be our Valentine?"

Call for Help


Ryan from Tucson, Arizona, wanted to know the best way for a small
business to bulk email its client base. The best way to conduct
bulk email would be to blind carbon copy your entire customer list.
To learn how to do this, go here. 

If you're sick of looking up numbers in the phone book, use this
tip to get names and numbers fast. 

Does your sound output level have you down? Pump up the volume

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   

Memory PC - Memory prices have fallen substantially, and
Outpost.com is passing that savings on to you! With FREE DELIVERY.
Leo's Show Notes for Tuesday AND Wednesday, February 13-14,
2001 ...

Ooops. I pressed the wrong button yesterday and the notes were
not inserted in the email. So here are my notes from yesterday.
Today's notes will follow right after.

* Buying a new CD recorder

JD from Agua Dulce, CA is in the market for a new CD recorder.
He wanted to know what to look for. A couple of things I'd look
at: the speed of the drive is most important. Make sure to get
8x or better. Today's fastest drives record at 16x - that's
equal to 2.4 megabytes per second. Fast enough to fill an
entire CD in under five minutes. 

If you do get a fast drive it's very important to get one that
supports BurnProof. That's a new technology that eliminates
buffer underruns, a common problem that causes bad burns.

Look for a mechanism that's capable of recording the new 80
minute CDs - it's nice to have the extra space.

Finally, check the software bundle. Pick the drive that gives
you the most bang for your buck. 

My two high speed favorites these days are the Plextor
PlexWriter and TDK's VeloCD. Of the two the TDK has the better
software bundle, but both are excellent choices. 

* Anna Kournikova and other viruses

Jeff from Lake Charles, LA got an email virus: the KAK.Worm.
This is a particularly pernicious virus that infects you even
if you don't open attachments. Fortunately, Microsoft has
released an upgrade for Outlook that patches the vulnerability.
Make sure you run Windows Update regularly to download those

Meanwhile a new virus threat called Anna Kournikovna is
circulating. It purports to be a picture of the tennis player
but is really a Love Bug style virus that sends itself to all
your friends when you open it. My advice is always the same:
don't open attachments!

* Adding a shortcut to toolbar

Jamie from Gastonia, NC asked an interesting question. He wants
to know how to customize the Internet Explorer button bar.
There's obviously a way since programs like Yahoo Messenger and
the Real Player add their own buttons, but I have no idea how.

Fortunately Charles of TechTV Fanatics did a little overnight
research and came up with an answer. He writes:

Yesterday on Call for Help a caller was wondering how to add to
the Internet Explorer toolbar.  I went searching through the
registry couldn't find a thing.  So I did a web search and
found the URL below.  It explains exactly how to do it, however
it requires the user to have either the Platform SDK or
Microsoft Visual Studio.  This is a very big black diamond tip,
I am an advanced user and afraid of doing it myself, but here
it is:


Charles TechTV Fanatics

* DVD-R drives

Andrew from Stow, OH is excited about Apple's new SuperDrive.
It's a DVD recorder that uses the DVD-R and RW formats. Unlike
the older DVD-RAM technology, these disks will play back in any
DVD player. Pioneer makes the drive, the DVR-103, and is
selling it to other companies like Compaq who's putting it in
their new 7100.

I'm very excited about these drives and if they can get the
prices down they may be the next big thing since they're also
capable of recording CDs, as well.

Apple is shipping their drives with iDVD authoring software.
Compaq will include Sonic's DVDit! (http://www.dvdit.com/).
Both programs are excellent. 

Andrew was concerned that the Mac Superdrive could only put an
hour of video on a disc. I don't know for sure, but the DVD-R
spec allows for full 2 hour and more movies on a CD. I'm sure
that will be possible eventually even if it's not possible now.

Roger from LA emailed with an interesting question. 

"Hi Leo, First I have to say I love your show. I watch it
religiously every weekday. I need your help desperately. I am
always fixing computers for friends of mine. Every time they
bring their system to my house I need to unplug all my cables
and move them to the new system. My question is, is there an
easier way? Is there some way I can plug his computer in and
turn it on and run it while my computer runs, both off of the
same monitor?? So simply put, how can I share one monitor with
two systems?? Is it possible?"

It is Roger. You need a KVM Switch. Many companies make them.
We use Belkins on the set. They allow us to hook up several
computers to a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. You can
even mix Macs and PCs. The OmniView starts at $60.

Now on to Wednesday's calls....

* Site submission

Steven from Las Vegas wants his site, http://checkbook.com, to
show up on all the search engines. Here are my three rules for
getting your site listed, in order of importance: 

1. Make a good site that others will want to see. 2. Submit to
Yahoo. Follow their submission instructions to the letter 3.
Get others to link to you. The better the sites that link to
you more visible you'll be.

We have other good recommendations on our Web Workshop Hub at

* Cable slowdown

Mark from Grosse Point, MI complains that his cable modem has
slowed down. The problem could be on your system or it could be
that too many people are sharing your bandwidth. Find out if
it's the former by visiting http://www.dslreports.com and
clicking the Tools link. There are also tweaks there that can
help improve throughput.

If it's your cable service you'll need to complain to your
provider. Cable companies are supposed to add connectivity as
more people on a shared headend subscribe to the service. If
they don't your throughput will degrade. There shouldn't be
more than 1500 people sharing a single connection.

* MP3 Bitrates

Carter from Orange, TX says he's heard that an MP3 can sound
better than the original CD. He says that doesn't make sense,
and he's right. MP3s are compressed versions of the original.
They're inherently worse. At bit rates of 160 kbps and above
the differences are minimal, however. So the real point is, can
you tell the difference? If not, MP3 is preferable since it's
more convenient.

Personally I prefer the pure uncompressed sound of CD
recording, but I use MP3 when it's more convenient.

------------- Lightning Round -----------------

* Mac Memory

Lucien from Crestview FL wanted a recommendation for a vendor
for Mac memory. I recommend Crucial all the time for PCs, and
in fact, they sell Mac memory, too. http://www.crucial.com I've
also purchased Mac RAM from Trans International,
http://www.transintl.com. Both offer quality RAM at good
prices. Look for US or Japanese made chips and prices under $1
per megabyte. 

* Renaming bunches of files all at once

Billie from Salt Lake City, UT has a bunch of digital photos
she wants to rename in a batch. For renaming any kind of file
or folder in batches I recommend the free THE Renamer,
http://www.multimania.com/hervet/therenamea.htm, but there's an
excellent image file managment utility called ACDSee that also
renames files. It's free for 30 days,

* You've Got Mail from Outlook

Scott from Wyoming MI wants to get Outlook to say "You've Got
Mail" just like America Online. You need to use the Sounds
control panel and assign a sound to the New Mail Notification
event. If you have AOL you can use the existing sound, it's the
file named GOTMAIL.WAV in the AOL directory. If you don't have
the original sound, or you want to try some alternatives visit
You've Got Mail!, the New Mail Notification WAV File Archive at

From the Email bag....

Nick writes: 

"Hey Leo.. How would I go about changing the default
installation drive that programs use in their setup?

Use TweakUI, a control panel from Microsoft that works with all
versions of Windows. Download it from:


You can change the location of many critical folders including
the Windows install directory, the Program Files directory,
Favorites, and My Documents.

That's it from here. On behalf of broken hearted Martin Sargent
and the entire Call for Help crew, Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for watching. I'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile,
remember, it's not your fault!

Don't forget... If you have a netcam and a computer question... go
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we'll send you your very own Call for Help cup holder, just like
the one Leo uses. 

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