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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


Here's what you need and can expect before, during, and after the
reformatting of a hard drive:

We've outlined the steps for installing a CD-RW. Now burn away:

Read this tip and create a custom color scheme for Windows:

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   


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Leo's Show Notes for Monday, February 5, 2001 ...

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Patrick and me
in St Louis. It was our biggest turnout ever and we
had a blast meeting you all. TechTV fans are the

The CD recording program that came with our TDK
VeloCD recorder is Nero, from Ahead Software. You can
try it for free from http://www.nero.com. It's $49 to
purchase. Where does the name come from? The Roman
emperor, Nero, who fiddled while "ROM" burned. 

* Uninstalling Windows Me

Mike and Maxwell from Franklin, Michigan wanted to
downgrade to Windows Me. If you installed it as an
upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, and you
said yes when the installer asked you if you wanted
to save previous system information, you can
uninstall from the Add/Remove Programs control panel.
Here's the Microsoft how-to:


If, on the other hand, you didn't upgrade, or you
bought a new computer with Windows Me preinstalled,
there's no way to uninstall. You'll have to format
the drive and start over with Windows 98 SE.

Why would you want to downgrade to Windows 98 SE? It
just seems to work better. 

Mike also mentioned Macster, a Napster clone for the
Mac. Napster Inc. has purchased Macster and re-
released it as Napster for the Mac. You can get the
latest version at http://www.napster.com.

* Scandisk for the Mac

Karen our art teacher from Warren MI wants to know if
there's a program to check the integrity of the Mac's
hard drive. There is indeed. It's called Disk First
Aid and you'll find it in your Utilities folder. For
more advanced disk recovery I recommend TechTool Pro
$100 from Micromat, http://www.micromat.com.

Incidentally, Karen wrote after the show to tell me
the program she uses to teach kids art is Rainbow
Painter. http://www.rainbowpainter.com/

------------------ Lightning Round ----------------

* 25 pin connectors and SCSI 

Douglas from Waco, TX wants to know if all cables are
the same. There's a difference between the connector
a cable uses and the way the cable is wired. Many
SCSI cables use DB-25 connectors, but they're not
interchangeable with modem cables that use the same
connectors. When you buy cables, make sure they're
labelled to do exactly what you need. 

* Evite privacy

Gary from Panama City, FL uses Evite,
http://www.evite.com. He wanted to know how Evite
uses the email addresses for his invitees. In cases
like these it's very important to read a site's
privacy policy first. You should also look for Trust-
E certification, http://www.truste.com, which Evite
has, to verify that a company actually adheres to its
stated policy. 

In Evite's case they say that they don't resell your
guest's addresses to third-parties, but they may send
them some mailings on their own. Gary you're to be
commended for considering your friends' privacy!

* Timed Out

Phyllis from Baltimore, MD wants to know what the
"connection timed out" error message means. Computers
are dumb, Phyllis. They'll keep doing something until
you tell them to stop. Until the end of time if you
let them. So programmers build in something called
"time outs." Essentially, they tell the computer to
keep trying for a specified period of time. If no
connection is received after that time, the program
issues an error message saying it couldn't make the
connection in a reasonable amount of time. 

Unfortunately, programmers understand this stuff so
well they often don't write their error messages in a
way normal humans can understand. Instead of saying
"connection timed out" it would be better to say
something like, "I've been trying to get through for
30 seconds but no one is answering so I'm giving up
now. Ask me to try the connection again in a minute
or two." Alas, English is a foreign language
for many techies. It's not your fault if you don't

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. See you tomorrow, and remember, it's not
your fault!


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