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"It's not your fault!"

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Find the best universal remote control and never get off the couch

Your keyboard has a Print Screen button for a reason. Put it to
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Leo's Show Notes for Tuesday, February 6, 2001 ...

* Disk Free Space Discrepencies

Philip from McClain, IL wants to know why, when he
right clicks on a folder and selects properties to
check the folder size, Windows reports two numbers:
size and size on disk. Size on disk is always bigger.
What gives?

To understand the two numbers you have to know how a
computer uses a hard drive to store information. For
efficiency, the drive is divided into clusters. On
PC's each cluster is usually 8,096 bytes, or 8
kilobytes. That's the smallest amount of space a file
can take. That means if you save a 2KB file it will
take up 8K on disk. The remaining 6K is unused, or
slack, space. A file that's 36 KB long will use five
clusters, or 40 KB, wasting 4KB of space. If you have
enough files on your hard drive you can waste 20 or
30 percent of your space. Using a smaller cluster
size will help - that was the chief benefit of the
FAT32 file system that came with Windows 98 - but
only to a point. Slack space is just the price we pay
for using Windows.

* Computer got hit by lightning

Neil from Oakland, MD says lightning hit his house.
He's worried about his computer. Open the computer
and inspect it carefully, if there's no visible
damage it's ok to keep using it. If you're in doubt
have a trained technician check it. 

* Improving MIDI playback quality

Amadeus from Colombia, MD was thinking that maybe
recording a MIDI music file as a WAV would improve
the quality. Unfortunately, no. MIDI files are
essentially musical scores. They tell the computer
what notes to play and which instruments to use. The
quality of the playback is dependent on the quality
of the sound card. 

Vance from Henderson, NV emailed a good solution,
though. Quicktime has much improved MIDI playback
using its own high-quality instrument samples.
Download a copy free for Windows or Mac from

* What's the best MP3 CD-ROM player?

Ralph from Lake Ponderosa, IA is interested in the
new MP3 disc players. These devices are portable CD
players that can also play MP3 files from CDs you
record. That means you can get 10 hours of high
quality music on a single disk. I use the Philips
Expanium, a $199 player that's been around a few
months. I'm very happy with it, but the new RioVolt
is less expensive, $170, and has good music search
features the Philips lacks. Read all about it at

James Kim and the Fresh Gear staff are working on a
roundup of these devices and should have a report at
http://tm0.com/sbct.cgi?s=117655167&i=298168&d=998524 any day now. 

----------- Lightning Round -------------

* CD-ROM Wheel

Tamara from Topeka, KS asks a question many of us
wonder. What the heck's that little volume wheel on
the front of the CD player. On most CD-ROM drives you
can plug a pair of headphones into the front of the
drive. You can use them to listen to audio CDs. The
wheel, if present, controls the volume to that
headphone jack. It does not affect the audio volume
coming through your computer speakers.

* Changing cable modem

Glenda from Lexington KY is getting a new computer.
She wants to know how hard it will be to move her
cable modem connection. If the new computer has its
own network interface card, just swap the cable,
update the network settings on the new computer to
match those of the old, and go. You may have to
unplug your cable modem for a few minutes to get it
to update its hardware info. If it doesn't work,
contact your cable company. In some cases they have
to reset their hardware. 

If you don't have a network card in the new computer
you'll have to move it. That's a little more tricky,
but if you've ever installed a card in your PC you
should be able to handle it. 

* CFH Wallpaper

Derek from Elyria, OH wants the Call for Help
wallpaper. There's a medium quality version at
and you can get a high quality version from
http://members.aol.com/zdtv/call.bmp. In either case,
once the image downloads, right click on it as select
"Set as Wallpaper" to make it your desktop.

* What's Sleep Mode?

Becky from Garden City, NY wants to know what sleep
mode is. It's a low power mode many new computers can
go into when they're not in use. Sleeping computers
only consume a few watts and they start up quicker.
Sometimes sleeping computers wake up confused,
though. I don't usually use sleep mode for that
reason. But if it works well for you it can be very

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. See you tomorrow, and remember, it's not
your fault!

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