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Bouncing ideas around:


+--+--+--+--+--+--+--What's Up Today--+--+--+--+--+--+--+

We're retooling the show and we want your feedback.
Tell us what you want to see on the show.

More show ideas get tossed around at our production
meeting on January 31. Here's a full report.

We'll show you how to emulate different
browsers to help your web design.

Woody Hayes from Maximum Linux magazine shows us
how to use top to manage system resources.

Take the Supergeek Challenge.
Free stuff can be yours.


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SHOW NOTES for Thursday, February 1, 2001
(repeat of January 31, 2001)...

* How can I send a 75 megabyte file in an e-mail!?

Jacqueline from Charleston, West Virginia needs to send some
big 'ol movie files through email. But Juno, her ISP, only
allows 5 megs per email. No worries, Jackie! Almost every ISP
has a size limit for email, either outgoing or incoming. But
using a service called WhaleMail, you can 'send' files up to
75 MB in size! Check it out... Leo says a TechTV viewer came
up with the idea for this service:


* Mystery Temp Files

Carol from Chesterfield, Missouri found that even after she
deletes all temporary internet files, Windows tells her she
still has several megabytes of files in her TEMP file. We
tried using the Disk Cleanup, (right click on your CD drive in
Win98 or higher, and click on the Disk Cleanup button)routine,
which gives you a list of all the types of files that you
probably don't need and can delete.

We still had a few KB of files in our Temporary Internet Files
folder. We showed all hidden files, and there was still
nothing in the folder that we could see. But when we right
clicked on it, Windows told us there was still 7 odd files in
there. Leo suspects that the Temporary Internet Files folder
isn't actually a folder... or that it simply won't reveal all
its innards to us.

Any of the 3rd Geeks out there know the truth about this

* Can I build a menu for my VCD?

Ronald called in from Othello, Washington to find out if he
can create a simple menu for a bunch of VCDs (Video Compact
Disks) he's authoring. Basically, he's a film student, and
wants to crate CDs with his film projects on 'em for folks to
watch. Cool!

We know you can create simple VCD menus from within Adaptec's
Easy CD Creator. Here's are links to pages with more info on
how to do that:



We found info on creating VCD menus with Enreach's I-Author
here... after checking Enreach's website, we have suspicions
that I-Author may only be available in a Chinese version.
You'll have to check it out!


Prager found a CD menuing program called CD Menu Creator from
Traction Software that you can download from www.hotfiles.com.
It's worth checking out.

There's a good site with info on VCD's here:

Finally, Leo makes a great point: DVD authoring is just around
the corner. Apple must made a very cool announcement about
iDVD, super easy DVD authoring software for their latest
generation of G4 Macs. You'll be able to play 'em on most DVD
players, and it should offer the ease of use of iMovie. Here's
a link:


* The firewall ate my network printer

Tony from Tecumseh installed a firewall router from DLink. Now
he can't see his HP LaserJet 4, his network printer. The
printer is definitely behind the firewall (plugged into his
internal network) but he can no longer access its IP address.
Sounds like the printer needs a new IP address.

A couple of the trusty 3rd Geeks in the audience faxed in to
tell us the name of the software you need for this printer:
JetAdmin. Way to go/! You can download it from HP's website.
You can also get some more info on HP network printer
configuration (through the printer control panel!) here:


* His son wants to learn to program games!

John from Bellingham, Washington watches the show with his 12
year old son, Christopher. Christopher's already built his own
computer based on our shows, but his heart is really into
learning how to build games.  His son loves to tell stories,
and wants to learn how to tell them through games.


Leo would much rather see Christopher start with game design,
rather than game programming. These are really two separate
entities; game design is like making movies, while game
programming is like building the special effects and the
cameras. Case in point: Alice, the Alice in Wonderland based
game we demoed on the show last night is based on the Quake
III engine. It looks totally different, even though the
underlying 'machinery' is the same.

Leo suggests you start with designing levels for your favorite
games. That's essentially what Alice did for the QIII engine...
and it sets a high standard! You can learn more about that at
these sites:




Josh also posted an article about making your own games on our
website. Here's the link:


* Burn more than one CD at a time

Billy from Union, New Jersey wants to know if he can burn two
CD-R disks at the same time, without buying an expensive CD-R
farm. Rumor has it you can do just that in Nero. We haven't
tried it, but you can download a trial version and see what


* CD Overburning

Randall from Ephrata, Pennsylvania has an Iomega 650 with
Adaptec's EasyCD software. He wanted to (over)burn 28 songs
onto an 80 MB CD. The CD is big enough; why won't it work?

Overburning, which basically involves burning more data onto a
CD-R than the CD-R spec was designed for, is a toughie. Along
with that 80 MB disk, Randall, you need software and drive
that support overburning. Easy CD doesn't. Leo's fave CD-R
software, Nero, does.


We checked Nero's list of CD-R drives. According to this list,
the Iomega Zip 650 doesn't support overburning. You can find a
list of drives that do support overburning there:


Want to learn more about overburning? Here's a link to that
section of Andy McFadden's amazing CD-R FAQ:


* New system, can I add my old hard drive?

Ashfin cammed in from Mission Viejo, California to find out if
he could swap hard drives and processors between machines.
Sure, as long as the motherboard supports the processor, and
is set properly for it. Hard drives are even easier: Just plug
'em in.

Ashfin was moving the hard drive from his old PC, with all his
data and applications on it to a new PC. No problem, just make
it the slave on the same IDE channel as its hard drive. You
can even automate moving the programs from the old drive onto
the new drive. Here are two programs that should be able to
help you out:

Aloha Bob's PC Locator 1.2

PCSync from Laplink

* Benchmarking between Mac vs Intel boxes

Devin from Alabaster, Alabama saw Steve Jobs introduce the new
733 MHz G4 at Macworld. He said it smoked the Pentium IV. How
do these tests work?

Very poorly, Devin, from a geek's standpoint, though they can
be great marketing and advertising tools. Cross platform
benchmarking is a nightmare. You have to find programs that
run on both platforms (Mac OS 9 and Windows Me, for example).
They should be well optimized for both platforms, something
that doesn't often happen. And you need somebody you can trust
running the tests... Steve Jobs is an amazing human being, but
I take his benchmark results with a huge grain of salt.

The truth is, different processors are better at different
things, Pentium III, Athlon, G4. They're all great processors.
(I wouldn't buy a PIV right now, too expensive. I'd go AMD
Athlon or PIII.)And even if I could demonstrate that a PII was
faster than a G4, folks wouldn't leave the Mac OS. Nor would
most PC users leave the PC for a G4.

At least for speed. I can see 'em leaving for the new OS, to
save money on hardware, or even for applications they can't
get on the other platform. I can see folks leaving the Mac OS
9 or WinMe for Linux. I can see PC users buying the amazing G4
Cube or iMac. But speed? Nah.

Hope I don't get flamed on that one!


Can't remember where that great Web site was? Now you don't have
to! Access your favorite sites from any computer, anywhere. Click
here! http://tm0.com/sbct.cgi?s=117655167&i=298150&d=971999

 That's all for today-- keep visiting our site,
 and keep watching The Screen Savers-- it's good
 for you!

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