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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


Martin brings us the final installment of his series on the hidden
treasures of MS Office. Today's tricks are all about Word:

What do you do if Windows won't shut down properly? Start by
reading what causes this problem and then learn how to fix it:

Quickly close open windows -- or even Windows itself -- with this
hotkey combo:

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   


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Becky's Show Notes for Friday, February 23, 2001...

Increase the Screen Real Estate in Internet Explorer

Josh from Carbondale PA wants to know how to reduce the toolbar
size in Internet Explorer. Go to view, choose toolbars, then
customize. Choose 'icon size' and select small.  Another tool to
increase the real estate in your browser is to hit F11 to get rid
of the toolbars.  Hit F11 again to get the toolbars back. 

Building Vs. Buying a Computer

Kevin in Snowmass, Colorado is considering building a computer
rather than buying a computer.  
I humbly refer you to Leo's opinion

I completely agree (who'd be foolish enough to disagree with
If you want to learn about computer hardware architecture and you
have the time, money, and patience to pour into the project, build
a computer for the love of the experience, not as an end to a

PC Troubleshooting & Upgrading Bible

Keith emailed in asking "What book do you recommend to trouble
shoot and repair your own PC?"
The book I use and that I see on lots of desks here at work is
Scott Mueller's Upgrading and Repairing PC's.  Not only is it full
of great information, lots of good suggestions and step-by step
instructions,  it's a big, fat, technical looking book.  It's
presence on my desk makes me feel smarter.

System Specs For Music Match Jukebox
Larry F. emailed in a question about Music Match Jukebox, "Becky,
How fancy does my computer have to be to use Music Match Jukebox? 
Will it do the same thing as Napster?"

According to the Music Match website, you need a 200MHz processor
or better, Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, 32 MB RAM,  and 50 MB hard
drive space. It's not a huge resource hog, but it does need some
processing power so your music doesn't skip as it's playing. 
As far as Napster qualities, Music Match is not Napster-esque.  It
has many cool functions centered on playing music.  MusicMatch
Jukebox also burns music files to CD.  It does not, however, allow
you to share files across the Internet as do Napster and other
peer-to-peer file sharing programs.

A Better Defrag Experience
Mildred writes, "How do I disable apps before defrag?" 
The Answer: Restart your computer in safe mode.  Safe mode only
loads the core software and drivers you need on your computer. 
Defrag works much better in safe mode.
Read this story to find out more about safe mode and how to start
your computer in safe mode.

Launch CDs Automatically
I think it was Eddie who asked, "How do I turn off auto run on my
CD player"
We've got a story on the website detailing this process- 

Questions & Comments
As always, if you have any questions for me or comments about the
show, please email me:

Have a great weekend and remember, 
It's Not Your Fault!

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