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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


Today, Martin Sargent presents five amazing Outlook 2000 tricks
that will foil email espionage and keep you out of trouble with the
boss. Find out all about them here:

What's the fuss with photo print cartridges, anyway? Leo uncovers
the truth behind these high-priced color cartridge alternatives:

If you find yourself wanting to email a webpage to someone, then
read this tip to learn how:

How can Leo Laporte be in two places at one time? Thanks to Leo's
body double, Shannon Shea, he can. 

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   


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Leo's Show Notes for Wednesday, February 21, 2001...

* Default email program

Matt from Tom's River, NJ doesn't like it that
Netscape Messenger starts whenever he clicks an email
link in the browser. That's because Messenger is the
default email program. You can make Outlook Express
take over as default emailer by opening Options from
the Tools menu and pressing the Make Default button.
An alternate method is to open the Internet Options
control panel, click the Programs tab, and select
Outlook Express as your email program.

* Defrag

Daniel from Coral Springs, FL wanted to know how
often to defrag his disk drive. That depends on what
you do with it and how fragmented it gets. A drive
gets fragmented as you use it. Files get spread out
all over the drive which slows it down. To reorganize
the drive, run the disk defragmenter by opening My
Computer, right clicking on a drive and selecting
Properties, then click the Tools tab, and press the
Defrag button. Defrag rearranges the files on your
drive for optimium speed. This is particularly
important if you record audio or video on your

You should defrag whenever your disk is more than 10%
fragmented - the program will tell you how bad it is.
For some people that's daily, for some it's weekly,
for most it's every month or so. 


Ryan from McMinnville, TN wanted to know where the
best place to buy RAM is. There are lots of good
vendors out there. I recommend buying US or Japanese
made RAM chips - the quality seems more consistent.
My personal favorite vendor is Crucial at
http://www.crucial.com. They sell consistently high
quality memory at very good prices. You can get RAM
cheaper by searching Pricewatch
(http://www.pricewatch.com) but I think it's worth
paying a little more for quality.

---------------- Lightning Round ---------------

* Adding QuickLaunch to the SendTo menu

Stephen from Temple City, CA wants a shortcut in his
SendTo menu for the QuickLaunch toolbar. That way he
can right click on a shortcut, and select QuickLaunch
from the SendTo menu and the shortcut will be moved
to the QuickLaunch toolbar. Here's how:

1. Make a shortcut for the QuickLaunch toolbar
folder: C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch. 

2. Move that shortcut to the SendTo folder:
c:\windows\sendto. If you can't see the Sendto folder
make sure you've turned on hidden and system files in
the folder view options.

* PC to Mac Viruses

Kelly is worried about the Anna Kournikova virus
propagating to her Mac. No need to worry, Anna, like
most viruses, is a Windows only application. However,
some viruses do run on both Mac and PC. These are
Macro viruses that use the macro program capabilities
of Microsoft Office programs like Word and Excel.
That's why you need to be particularly careful when
opening Word and Excel documents on either platform.
Make sure to check the file with an antivirus or
disable macros.

* Disabling System Restore

Chris from Laredo, TX doesn't like the System Restore
feature that debuted with Windows Me. Here's how you
turn it off Chris. Open the System control panel,
click the Performance tab, then press the File
System... button. Click the Troubleshooting tab and
check the "Disable System Restore" box. 

* Noisy fans

Chris from Greenville, SC says the fan inside his
computer is noisy. The first thing to do is to turn
off the machine and open it up to make sure the fan
blades aren't striking any wires inside. That's very
dangerous. If the fan itself is noisy you can replace
it. That is unless the fan is in the power supply. In
that case you'll have to replace the power supply
itself. This is a job best left to a service
technician. If you really want to do it yourself, I
recommend power supplies from PC Power and Cooling,
http://www.pcpowercooling.com/. Expect to pay from
$40 to $200 for a good power supply.

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. See you tomorrow, and remember, it's not
your fault! 


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