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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


You don't have to be limited to trading music files only on
Napster. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was invented in Finland in 1988
and is a great source for finding files of any kind. Read all about
chatting over IRC here: 

Learn how to create your own photo CDs to share with family and

This tip speeds up dialup connections with a 56K modem:

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   


Memory PC - Memory prices have fallen substantially, and
Outpost.com is passing that savings on to you! With FREE DELIVERY.

Leo's Show Notes for Tuesday, February 20, 2001...

Dana Williams and Jimmy Olander from Diamond Rio,
Nashville (http://www.diamondrio.com) joined us in
the chat room. They're about to go out on tour in
support of the new album, One More Day, so it was
generous for them to take time out to be with us.
Thanks guys!

Dana wanted to know why his monitor was so dark when
playing Quake III. That's a common problem. The
solution is to use the latest drivers for your video
card and to make sure your monitor is properly
adjusted. You can adjust your monitor online at
http://www.displaymate.com. We have a full article on
setting your monitor at

* Radio in his speakers

Gerald and his mom, Rose, called from Mt. Prospect,
IL. Ever since he got a cable modem he's been hearing
a radio station in his speakers. Is there a
connection? Probably. The radio is likely leaking in
via the cable. You can purchase radio interference
filters from your local electronics store.

For more information visit the FCC,
http://www.fcc.gov/cib/Publications/tvibook.html, the
ARRL, http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/rfigen.html, and
HamRadio Online, http://netgain.com/hamradio-online.com/rfi.html.

--------------- Lightning Round ----------------

* Clear Internet temporary files

Bill from Arlington, TX wants to clear out his cache.
Not the greenbacks, the Internet cache. This is a
folder full of images and text from web pages you
have visited. The cache speeds up browsing because if
web page hasn't changed the browser can pull it up
from the hard drive instead of the Internet.

Clear the cache by opening your browser's options or
preferences page. 

* Make Outlook your default email program

Larry from Cerritos, CA wants to make Outlook his
default email program. Use the Internet Options
control panel and click the Programs tab to set your
default email.

* Blocking senders in Outlook

Debbie from Ft. Walton Beach, FL keeps getting a
virus laden email. She wants to block it. First thing
you should do is notify the sender that they're
sending you a virus. They may not know. Then create a
filter that deletes any messages from that sender. Or
it can check the subject line. You can even reject
attachments in most email programs. 

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. See you tomorrow, and remember, it's not
your fault! 

Don't forget... If you have a netcam and a computer question... go
to the Netcam Cineplex located in our chat room 45 minutes before
the show starts, talk to Joshua, and you can get on TechTV. Plus
we'll send you your very own Call for Help cup holder, just like
the one Leo uses. 
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