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Leo's Classic Show Notes for February 19, 2001...

* Starting programs automatically

Chris from Bangor, Maine wants Outlook Explorer to launch
automatically every time Windows starts. That's what the
Startup folder is for. You'll find it in the Programs folder
under the Start button. Put a shortcut to any application you
want to launch on startup into the Startup folder. 

* Hardware vs Software Firewall

Jacob, Harrison, AR is getting DSL. His DSL provider says he
doesn't need to install a firewall, and that's probably true.
Your chance of getting hacked is minimal unless you have file
sharing turned on. But why take a chance when there's an
excellent firewall available from http://www.zonelabs.com.
ZoneAlarm (not the Pro version) is free and works great. I use
it and recommend it for anyone with a full time connection to
the net. 

* Windows 2000 vs Office 2000

John from Ashville, NC wants to use the Windows 2000 operating
system but is confused by products like Office 2000 and
Publisher 2000 for Windows. Those are applications. If you
want to use Windows 2000 look for Windows 2000 Professional.
It's Microsoft's version of Windows for corporate
environments. It's much more reliable but it's a little
trickier to use and is incompatible with some older hardware
and software. You can buy a copy for as little as $125 online
(use http://www.pricewatch.com to search for the lowest price.
List price is closer to $300).

* Visor Battery Life

Cail says his battery life on his Visor tanked when he started
using a Gameboy emulator called Liberty from Gambit Studios,
http://www.gambitstudios.com. Liberty requires that the Palm
be overclocked using Afterburner. Since you're running your
Palm at more than twice its normal speed, it's not surprising
that it would eat batteries twice as fast. It's the price you
pay for fun, Cail!

----------------- Lightning Round ------------------------

* CD-R blanks for music

Steve from Foley, AL wants to know why CD-R blanks labelled
"for music" are more expensive. Are they better? Not at all.
They're intended for standalone music duplication and the
price includes a royalty to the record companies. If you're
recording CDs on a PC, use the cheaper blank disks. They work
just as well.

* Deleting Temp Files

Ron from Johnstown, PA wants to know whether it's safe to
delete the Windows temporary files. It sure is, as long as you
don't delete a file that's currently being used. Programs
create temporary files while they're working. Once you close
the program it's supposed to delete its temp files, but that
doesn't always happen and unused temp files can build up over
time. The safest way to delete them is with the Disk Cleanup
utility. Open My Computer, right click on a hard drive icon,
select Properties and push the Disk Cleanup... button. Check
the categories you want to delete, including Temp Files, then
press Delete. 

* Hard drive capacity

Sarah emails, "how do I know when my hard drive is full?."
Open My Computer again and click a drive icon. You should see
a pie chart with disk capacity information. If you don't you
need to make sure View as Web Page is turned on. Open Folder
Options from the Tools or View menu and click "Enable Web
Content in Folders" or "View as Web Page." The exact menu and
wording depends on your version of Windows.

* Turn on Num Lock

Antoine from Mobile wants the NUM LOCK key to be on when his
computer starts. Enter BIOS setup when your system boots and
look for the NUM LOCK setting. From then on your system should 
boot up with NUM LOCK enabled.

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for watching.
I'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, remember, it's not your


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