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How to teach your network devices how to
behave so they don't "talk" at the same time.

Patrick reviews The Complete Hacker's
Handbook in the Geek Library.

Can Leo Laporte set-up a personal web
server in two minutes? You bet he can.


Go to TechTV's library for tips and trick
for Windows, Linux, Macintosh and more.

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SHOW NOTES for Tuesday, February 6, 2001
(repeat of January 24, 2001)...

Leo Laporte sitting in for Patrick on the keyboard tonight...

* Getting MP3's in track order

Kevin from Exeter, PA rips CDs but doesn't want to listen in alphabetical
order. The solution is simple. Set your ripper to add the track number to
the name. The the tracks will appear in the proper order.

* Shutting down Windows 2000 services

Jonathan from Kingsley, MI uses Win2K but he wants to know if all those
background services need to run. Nope. You can see the running services by
opening Services in the Administrative Tools folder. Most of these have to
do with network stuff you probably don't need. Right click on the service
to stop it.

A better solution might be to not log in routinely as Administrator.
Create a Power User account as your primary login. Many fewer services run
when you're only a Power User. I go one step farther and use a plain old
user account for playing games. In general, it's best not to run as
Administrator or Root all the time. You're more likely to do something you
regret and it compromises security. Only login as Admin when you need to
install software, etc.

* Hard drives for gamers

Michael from Montgomery, AL wanted a hard drive recommendation. He's
almost filled up his 20 GB drive. We like Maxtor and IBM hard drives.
Might as well get a 7200 RPM UDMA/100 drive and a big one too. If you act
fast you can get an IBM Deskstar 75GXP 45GB EIDE for $148 from mwave.com.
Good drive. Great price. I prefer getting two 45s to a single 80 - it's
more reliable and flexible.

For an article on BIG hard drives visit

* Personal Web Server

Ryan from Murfreesboro, TN can't get Microsoft's Personal Web Server to
run with Windows Me. That's right - they're incompatible. I recommend
AnalogX's SimpleServerWWW,
http://www.analogx.com/contents/download/network/sswww.htm. As you saw on
the show, we were able to get it running in under two minutes. Sweet.

* Record your band

Paul from Moody, AL plays loud rock and wants the world to know. Patrick
recommended a basic recording setup of Shure SM58 microphone, Barringer
mixer, and the free ProTools multitrack recording software from

Once you've got your sound on hard drive, MP3.com makes it easy to
distribute it to the world. See Martin Sargent's article on how to promote
your band using MP3.com at

AudioFile has a great article on building a $1000 PC based recording
studio at http://tm0.com/sbct.cgi?s=111113856&i=296006&d=934463
and you'd better read Patrick's article on getting the best sound out of
your PC, too at

* Be your own ISP

Mike from Belcamp, MD wants to share his internet connection with the
neighborhood. 802.11b, or Wi-Fi as it's now called, is a wireless network
solution that can go as far as 2 miles with repeaters.

For information visit the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance web
site at http://www.wirelessethernet.com/.

* Access your MAC remotely from a PC

Matt from Lakesville, MN wants access to his home PC from his Mac at
school. The best way to control a PC from a Mac or vice versa is with
Timbuktu Pro. You can try it free for three months from
http://www.netopia.com/software/products/tb2/. Another good choice is the
cross platform Hotline Server and Client software. It's free from

* HELP! My computer won't boot!

Bernadette from West Pittson, PA says her computer stalls when it's trying
to update the ESCD. That's the Enhanced System Configuration Data. Not
sure why it's happening, but you can get it to stop trying by entering the
system BIOS Setup and telling the system not to update the System Config
data (the exact wording varies in every BIOS).

That's the latest from Lake Nerdbegone. Thanks for joining us. See you
tomorrow on The Screen Savers!!!



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here! http://tm0.com/sbct.cgi?s=117655167&i=298164&d=998484

 That's all for today-- keep visiting our site,
 and keep watching The Screen Savers-- it's good
 for you!

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