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Announcement & Call for Papers

The 5th International Conference on Smart Materials and
Nanotechnology in Engineering 

SMN 2015 in conjunction with Cansmart 2015 

The International Conference on Smart Materials and Structures


15-17 July, 2015 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Conference will be preceded by the NATO lecture series on Structural
Health Monitoring to be held on Monday & Tuesday 13-14 July 2015.

 <http://www.cansmart.com> www.cansmart.com



The objective of the present meeting is to bring together the best research
and applications on smart materials, structures, and nanotechnology for
different engineering applications ranging from nano to large scale systems
including SHM & NDT. 


The main objectives are to: 

·         Provide a forum to encourage interaction in the fields of smart
materials and structures. 

·         Present the fundamentals of these fast growing multi-disciplinary
technologies and their potential impacts. 

*       Outline the technical and technological challenges of smart
materials, smart structures and smart systems. 
*       Make the industrial and engineering communities aware of the
possibilities and potential advantages of smart technologies. 

We would like to provide the International Community with a forum to
interact, network and explore the potential of collaborations on projects of
mutual interest. 

The topics will include, but not be limited to, the following:

*       Nanomaterials, Nanostructures, Nanotechnologies; 
*       Smart Materials, Structures and Composites; 
*       Attached or Embedded Smart Sensors and Actuators; 
*       Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems and Devices; 
*       Active Materials (Piezoelectric, SMA, Magnetostrictive, etc…); 
*       Structural Vibration Suppression and Smart Damping Techniques; 
*       Intelligent Processing of Materials; 
*       Structural Health Monitoring; 
*       NDE of Materials & Structures; 
*       Industrial and Commercial Applications for: Space, Aerospace,
Automation, Medicine, Civil Engineering and Marine industries.

Special sessions featuring invited representatives from around the world
will present the current outlook on Smart Materials, Structures and





17 December 2014

Notification of acceptance

7 January 2015

Full paper

25 March 2015

Notification of acceptance

15 April 2015


We are looking forward to seeing you in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.


 Instructions for Authors


The following four documents related to the instructions for authors can be
found on the website: 

*       2015-Cansmart-CV-Name of presenter.doc
*       2015-Cansmart-Abstract-Template.pdf
*       2015-Cansmart-Instructions for preparing manuscripts.pdf
*       2015-Cansmart-Template paper.doc



Prof. Jinsong Leng, Harbin Institute of Technology, China,
<mailto:lengjinsong@xxxxxxxxx‎> lengjinsong@xxxxxxxxx‎

Prof. George Akhras, Royal Military College of Canada
<mailto:akhras@xxxxxx> akhras@xxxxxx      


Georges Akhras, P.Eng, PhD, FCSCE, FASCE, FEIC 

Professor of Civil/Mechanical Engineering 

Director-Centre for Smart Materials and Structures 

Royal Military College of Canada 

P.O. Box 17000, STN Forces, 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7K 7B4 

Tel (613)-541-6000 ext 6388, Fax (613)-541-6218


 <http://www.cansmart.com> www.cansmart.com
<http://www.smartmaterials.ca> www.smartmaterials.ca






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