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Subject: [greenon-l] Urgent Request-- Support a Conservation First energy policy for Ontario

Dear Friends,

If you agree Ontario should have a conservation-first energy policy, please take ten minutes to send a BRIEF note to the Premier at his feedback page, https://www.premier.gov.on.ca/feedback/ feedback.asp and say “I agree with a conservation-first energy policy for Ontario”. Add in your favourite reason – it’s cheaper, safer, cleaner, more reliable; it will reduce our energy bills; and it empowers individuals and builds community spirit.

The following is an open letter to the Premier on a conservation- first energy policy for Ontario. Any day now, the government will be announcing its response to the Ontario Power Authority report that called for a massive investment in nuclear and forecast only five percent reductions through conservation. The economic, social, and environmental impact of this decision will be felt by generations to come. We have one chance to make it a decision we can be proud of.

Please make your voice heard.

And please circulate this request and letter to your friends.

With thanks,

Chris Winter

Executive Director

The Conservation Council of Ontario

An open letter to the Premier

May 4, 2006

Dear Mr. McGuinty,

When you announce your government’s response to meeting Ontario’s electricity demand, please make conservation the first priority.

Conservation is the cheapest option for up to 25% of the current demand. The first five percent can be achieved through good will and simple actions. The next ten to twenty percent will require an investment, and here is where your government can achieve reductions at a fraction of the cost of a nuclear plant. Keep going until the cost outweighs the return.

Efficiency, load-shifting, and deep-rooted conservation behaviours are the most reliable way to guarantee that Ontario’s lights will stay on over the next few summers. Smart meters will provide people with the information they need, but how about some incentives to make conservation more immediately profitable?

Conservation creates no pollution: no smog, no climate change, and no radiation. We can all breathe a little easier.

Conservation empowers communities, schools, businesses, and individuals. Take a look at the immediate success of last year’s community and provincial conservation campaigns.

And best of all, conservation saves people money. As electricity and oil prices rise, conservation is the only way to make sure utility bills go down.

Premier, our polling shows that 93% of Ontarians hold conservation as a top personal priority, and many of them are making a personal investment in conservation in their homes and businesses. Why would you even consider going in the opposite direction?

When you announce your government’s electricity policy, make it a conservation-first policy.

Help us show that Ontario can conserve.


Chris Winter
Executive Director
The Conservation Council of Ontario

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