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> Subject: York Region Green Movement Development
> This is a group email to a large number of you that are involved in 
> "green"
> and "environmental" discussions in the region.
> My name is Tim Rudkins and I am involved with the Green Party here in
> Richmond Hill.  In a recent meeting, the idea was raised of creating a 
> "York
> Region Green Movement or Association."
> The problem that was recognized was that there are numerous 
> individuals and
> groups that are working on many items, but often alone and/or only on 
> one
> focus.  Therefore, they can be easily ignored by the government/public
> and/or do not receive the attention that they should.
> This movement or association is not to be linked directly to the Green 
> Party
> , but instead to coordinate and consolidate the various "green" or
> "environmental" issue groups/individuals under one umbrella with the 
> aim of
> achieving the following:
> - Increase visibility of the entire spectrum of green and environmental
> issues in the region
> - Increase the power of the movement through coordination and working
> together
> - Push for real, viable changes in various government and public 
> policies
> and practices
> - Increase solidarity among the various groups through joint events,
> meetings, discussion groups, etc.
> The idea is not to restrict what people are currently doing, but to 
> bolster
> it all through concepts such as a web site portal for all issues and
> education; combined fund raising for events as well as legal 
> challenges;
> etc.  In short, reinforce what everyone is doing and have it grow.
> If you think this is a good idea, have comments, want more 
> information, etc.
> Please let me know.  It might be the start of a very good thing for the
> region and the people living in it.
> Cheers
> Tim Rudkins
> tim.rudkins@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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