[cryptome] Re: utorrent and episcale bitminer: Was RE: Re: Netanyahu

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  • Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2015 14:13:37 -0000

Hi Adrien,

Funnily enough, I just found out a url for  a version of Transmission which can 
be used with Windows.  I have downloaded it and installed it and it is up and 
running, and I used it to download the latest Ubuntu for my computer. 

See url: 


Actually, Shaun might be interested in having a look at it.


  One of the things I like about this group is the mix between serendipity and 
Pandora’s box, and there is such a diversity of people and personalities who 
subscribe to it.   One thing leads to another and extra bits get added on to 
the digital jigsaw puzzle. 


Regarding social networks and media...it’s certainly true that different 
generations have different attitudes towards them and the internet and other 
facilities available.  My children and grandchildren, though aware of security 
issues, doesn’t prevent them from using Face book, Twitter. Skype, etc, and 
they too were born in the 1980’s and the 2000’s.  It is a handy tool for them 
keeping in touch with one another and knowing where each other are, and the 
son-in-law uses it for business.   Security systems in the house, for fire and 
intrusion and the heating system connected to the net all help them to keep an 
eye on their property whilst they are away.  And the children can be covered by 
video in the garden or talked to via a communication system.  They even have a 
talking speaker system to the bedrooms, so that they can check if they are 
sleeping OK.


In the past, when I was involved in a computer club, I used to help senior 
citizens  and disabled folks get access to second hand computers and get on to 
the net and to use social media like Skype, Face book and Twitter.   Though 
finding the new technology difficult to master; particularly their first view 
of a webpage, which always made them start back, due to the amount of 
information contained on them being too much to take in,  they were really 
pleased with the result, because it allowed them access to so much information 
and, most importantly, for most of them, to be able to communicate with their 
families, by voice and pictures, as well as text, who often lived in faraway 


The world wide web does have its good points, despite its lack of security and 
anonymity and the rampant commercialism, particularly as an information and 
knowledge resource, and like any other tool or machine, one has to learn to use 
it wisely, for it to be at its most effective.  Not everyone in the world 
learns that, we are all at different levels of development, no two people are 
the same, and the net makes it easier for people to share and learn from one 
another.    But even the most security conscious, adept, highly skilled user 
can easily get caught out, and it only takes one silly oversight, one simple 
mistake, for his/her whole security chain to be broken, particularly if they 
are targeted by those sophisticated organisations which sniff around the 
internet at the moment. 

Air-gapping is not immune either from nosey parkers, I read a paper a little 
while ago, in which a well respected security consultant put out, where he had 
gotten a brand new computer, new software, installed it from a clean usb drive, 
never went on the internet with it, and yet had this anti-security software 
come up.  He found it very mysterious, but, as far as I know, he hasn’t got to 
the bottom of it.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember his name, or whether the 
article was a hyperlink on cryptome... 


I don’t know if I would refer to a computer programme as having some sort of 
Christian value set to it, such as being sinful or evil... J.  But there you 
are, I often talk to my computer, when it doesn’t communicate with me properly, 
or do as I tell it, and I call it all sorts of things, venting my emotions and 
giving it characteristics which it doesn’t in fact have, like contrariness, 
stupidity, or getting out of the wrong side of the lid!... J.  When it has 
really got fucked up I have even been known to pray, but don’t tell anyone as I 
am known to be a member of the atheist tendency... J.


I do agree about keeping some stuff on paper, there is nuffink worse than have 
a computer go down and losing all those passwords, account numbers and other 
personal identifiers.    Where one stores the paper of course, is another 
matter... J.  Cd.s, DVDs, have their own sets of security problems too...but, 
well, what’s wrong with looking back on the good ole times... J.  Personally, 
with all its vagaries, I find the present much better and much more 
interesting...the future?  Well, that will take care of itself... J.   And, in 
my view, it is the uncertainty which makes it much more interesting...




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Dear cryptome,


uTorrent and torrent in general is evil, use other softwares, or do not use, 
some peers are known to be government one, and can use the "You downloaded 
stuff" to manipulate you.


I am a Y generation, born and raised in the 80's.


For very sensitive data, and I know you would : use the fucking paper.


The Z generation (post born 1995) are putting everything on the web or the 
computer. Nothing can be trusted, but they do.

I'd rather use social medias to put false informations and manipulate others. 
Welcome to Information Technologies.


Do not let them making what they expect ; was one of the first to hear about 
pre-Facebook, using it, and one of the first to quit that 1984 nightmare.


Good old time when we shared cdroms instead.


On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 8:49 PM, Douglas Rankine 
<douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Andrew,

Tx for the info...I couldn’t find the bitminer in control panel/programs, so I 
looked it up on the internet and came up with this

See url: http://www.freefixer.com/library/file/EpicScale.exe-153377/

And url: 


Anyone got any ideas on how I get rid of it from Windows 7?  I would like to 
keep utorrent for the moment, if I can...unless anyone can suggest a better one?

One learns sumfink noo every day... J.




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You love uTorrent with it's BitCoin mining operation that it sneaks into your 
system as well?  I'm not a fan - if I want to mine, I'll mine.  If I want to 
torrent, I'll torrent.


And for a real thrill on a *nix environment, pop open a copy of OLVWM.  Ahh, 
the memories... if only Windows could be that clean.


--- A


On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 2:37 PM, Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

OH i love utorrent for its compactness. its even more compact than the official 
bit torrent client and that's say8ng something. BTw if you have used ubuntu 
previous. say  v 12.4 and earlier, the user interface is quite different.




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