[cryptome] Re: utorrent and episcale bitminer: Was RE: Re: Netanyahu

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 23:29:28 -0700

On March 13, 2015 10:59:42 PM Adrien Jolibert <jolibert@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear cryptome,

uTorrent and torrent in general is evil, use other softwares, or do not
use, some peers are known to be government one, and can use the "You
downloaded stuff" to manipulate you.

I am a Y generation, born and raised in the 80's.

For very sensitive data, and I know you would : use the fucking paper.

The Z generation (post born 1995) are putting everything on the web or the
computer. Nothing can be trusted, but they do.
I'd rather use social medias to put false informations and manipulate
others. Welcome to Information Technologies.

Do not let them making what they expect ; was one of the first to hear
about pre-Facebook, using it, and one of the first to quit that 1984

Good old time when we shared cdroms instead.

Bonjour Adrien,

I am part of Generation X.  I grew up with computers that needed a boot disk.

I have never used Facebook (which I call Assbook) and I never will. I don't use social media of any kind. I used Usenet eons ago, but I can't see any reason why anyone would voluntarily put their personal info online like people do with social media. Bunch of narcissists. Age doesn't matter; my father is a Boomer and uses Assbook like a 16 yr old girl.

No one in their right mind would use torrents (or anything else) on the clearweb for anything important. Post-Snowden, we have learned that even our airgapped computers are not secure. Sneakernet still works, but even if one leaves their cellular tracking device behind chances are good that a surveillance camera will see you at some point. Soon, it may be drones.

It's good to pollute their databases with nonsensical data and disinformation, I've been doing that for decades. Make it hard for the bastards to figure out wtf you're doing or thinking. It used to be called culture jamming; maybe Gen Y or Z call it something else.

And don't believe what you read in 'the fucking newspapers.' The propaganda and obfuscation are pervasive.


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